Did you know how Portgas D. Ace ate Mera Mera no Mi? And how Spade Pirates was formed?


Sometime after Ace left Dawn Island to pursue his path as a pirate, he become shipwrecked on SIXIS, a beautiful desert island. There, he met a man who became his friend, who he dubbed “Masked Deuce”.


After a few days and a discussion about Ace’s lineage, Ace found a large fruit which he split with Deuce. The fruit was the “Flame-Flame Devil Fruit“.

Ace was granted the fruit’s powers of fire. He worried that he will not be able to swim, which will be tougher for him to escape this island and Deuce agreed to build him a ship (“Striker”).


From there, the pair formed an official partnership, and Deuce was very loyal to Ace throughout. That’s how they founded the Spade Pirates.


Deuce’s primary goal is to seek adventure, though he initially did not wish to incriminate himself as a pirate. He enjoys writing and took the opportunity to write a story of his experiences on Ace’s crew. If someone mocks his writing, he will respond by portraying them in a bad light and leaving their names out of the story.

Along with Mihar and Skull, Deuce serves as the brains of the Spade Pirates, being capable of forming and executing strategies for the crew. He seems to possess decent strength, as he was able to grab ahold of Vice Admiral Draw and keep him occupied while Ace was busy without taking injuries, and has also dealt with numerous bounty hunters during the Spade Pirates’ voyage. Deuce was very loyal to Ace throughout. When Ace fought against Marine Vice Admiral Draw, Deuce had full faith that his captain would defeat his opponent.

Over time, the crew gained a great reputation, and Ace was known as a “super rookie” and was also offered the chance to become one of the Shichibukai, but he refused. He also attracted Whitebeard’s attention through the newspaper. When they finally entered the New World Ace immediately went to meet “Red Haired” Shanks in order to thank him for saving his little brother.

Ace and his crew eventually decided to challenge Whitebeard for his head, but were stopped by Jinbe, who fought Ace to protect Whitebeard. They fought for five days without rest, until they both fell in a tie. After the battle had ended, Whitebeard and his crew appeared. Whitebeard announced to whoever wished to kill him that he would take his head himself. Whitebeard then attacked the Spade Pirates, and utterly defeated them. When Ace knew there was no hope of victory, he formed a firewall to allow his crew to escape, while he continued to fight Whitebeard alone.

Whitebeard then offered a heavily wounded Ace a chance to join his crew and (in his words) to become his son to which Ace outright refused. Regardless, he was knocked unconscious and dragged onto Whitebeard’s flagship.
The remaining Spade Pirates tried to take Ace back, but they were all defeated in their attempts. The remaining Spade Pirates tried to take Ace back, but they were all defeated in their attempts. However, they were fortunately spared and taken aboard the same ship as Ace. Ace tried many times to assassinate Whitebeard (said by Vista to be at least 100), but eventually gave up and accepted the offer to join.

The Spade Pirates have since then been integrated along with their captain into the ranks of their former enemy.

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