Does Sanji need a Raid Suit or Exoskeleton?


Many people believe that Sanji needs a huge power up. Like an exoskeleton or raid suit.


Although it would be cool to see Sanji have these for a brief period of time it really wouldn’t make sense for his character. Sanji is already powerful without the raid suits despite many people believing that he is weak. Sanji however has already displayed moves that were powerful but we have not seen Sanji execute these moves in a real 1v1 fight yet.

Let’s start with Hell’s Memories. An attack where Sanji puts himself in a full flame state. This attack delivers a devastating blow to his opponent as well as engulfing them in flames. These flames effect the opponent internally as well. Sanji talks about removing the poisonous guts is the toughest part of cooking puffer-fish. Referencing how he was able to do that using this move.. Note that Sanji does not start out this move by saying Diable Jambe…… What this tells me is that this could be a new form that Sanji is able to use that has new attacks. You could see it as equivalent to Luffy unlocking a new gear only in this case it is for Sanji. This state might be for taking out larger opponents instead of focusing on pinpoint power like his Diable Jambei does. Sanji used this technique once against Wadatsumi.


The next is a move that we were not able to fully see. This is when Sanji fought Judge. And in their final clash Sanji lights up his leg with Diable Jambe. But then says “Poêle à Frire…” . His Diable Jambe seemed to have entered a 2nd state in which Sanji’s leg is now star shaped. This seems to be a upgraded or different version of Diable Jambe.


This is very similar to when Kizaru lights up his leg to give a light attack. Although we were not able to see the full extent of this move because Judge used his clones as cover to get off his attack. Given Sanji’s kind nature he hesistated to release the attack and we were unable to see the full level of this attack. Had Judge not used the clones I believe the result of this fight would have ended very differently with Sanji as the winner.

Poêle à Frire: Spectre literally meaning “Frying Pan: Spectrum”): Another new technique learned after two years of training . After using Sky Walk, Sanji kicks downward continuously with his flaming legs to take out multiple opponents. The way Sanji moves his flaming leg is very similar to the way Ivankov moves his head while using Ganmen Spectrum.

This attack seems to be Sanji using fire as a projectile while also emitting a rainbow light at the end of it. We also saw this move in Film Gold although when Sanji used it in Film Gold it was one attack that was shockwave that took out multiple enemies.(I know that we shouldn’t look at movies for evidence however Film Gold was something Oda was heavily involved in and it wouldn’t surprise me if we see this move again used in that manner).

Crosse Strike
 Sanji delivers a powerful flaming kick probably with haki. It was first used along with Luffy’s Elephant Gun when they saved the Vinsmokes , blocking Big Mom’s lightning attack.This attack is a powerful attack displayed by Sanji considering that all 4 of the Vinsmokes could not clash with Big Mom and got over powered. However when Luffy and Sanji were able to clash with Big Mom as well as stopping her attack. Wanted to include this move since people tend to have short term memory. Let’s not forget that the Vinsmokes failed to do what Luffy and Sanji could do.

Sanji tends the most controversial character when it comes to people ranking his power considering he finds himself in a lot of unfavorable situations. This has led to a lot of people calling him weak and even thinking that he does not belong in the Monster Trio. Although Sanji has shown off impressive techniques as well as feats post time skip but people tend to gloss over them. Once Sanji has a true 1v1 I’m confident that there will be no question that he still deserves to be ranked alongside Zoro and Luffy.

*Theory by einfamous

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