Dr Kureha and the Secret behind Her Immortality


Could Dr Kureha be immortal? During Law’s flashback, we’ve seen some guy named Diez Barrels confirming a past famous doctor capable to heal any sickness that ate the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit.


That made me question myself about Dr Kureha. Why is she still alive and healthy despite being now 141(after the timeskip)?

Oda said at some point the maximum amount of time a human can live in the One Piece world is up to 140 years of age but that Dr Kureha goes beyond other people.


Dr Kureha was 139 pre timeskip


Not only she was 139, but a ‘young and healthy’ 139 years old grandma, and again seen alive and healthy after the timeskip at 141 years of age (so exceeding the One Piece lifetime limit), walking around in the snow with bare midriffs.

Secret of youthfulness

While it seemed like a comedic-relief, notice she always used to ask people whether or not they wanted to know the secret behind her ‘youthfulness’ with people in the village calling her a witch for being alive and healthy despite being that old.

My conclusion

1- It’s actually possible that the doctor who ate the Ope Ope no Mi and became famous while being capable to heal any disease was somehow related to Dr Kureha(father? pupil? personal doctor?). Notice as well that Kureha became a famous doctor herself to the point of being one of the only rare exceptions among doctors to be allowed to use the NHC10-drug. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the legendary doctor actually left all his medical knowledge to Dr Kureha.

2- The Ope Ope no Mi grants eternal life at the cost of one’s life. It’s possible the famous doctor in question granted eternal life to Dr Kureha for one or another reason.

*Theory by Bogard

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