Dr. Vegapunk and The Secret Treasure of Mary Geoise


Chapter 1065 introduced the concept of an undying flame.


Egghead Island’s machinery is powered by fire. Science Vegapunk learned about from the Ancient Kingdom.

In Chapter 1065, Lilith states that if an undying flame existed, they could create their own Sun, basically have free energy. I believe the Ancient Kingdom created such a thing, but that the Celestial Dragons stole it and are hiding it in Mary Geoise. This is the sacred treasure Doflamingo knew about, it is also what powers the weapon they used to destroy Lulusia.


Why do I think the World Government would have such a thing? If you haven’t noticed, there’s a re-occurring theme of people being burned by the World Government.

  • Slaves are burned by the dragon hoof mark.
  • Luffy was burned by Akainu.
  • Aokiji was burned by Akainu.
  • Sabo was burned by a Celestial Dragon shooting down his ship.
  • Saul being covered in burns.

In my opinion it only makes sense for the World Government to have such a tool. Luffy, being the Sun God, will steal it from the World Government and deliver it to the people. This will allow everyone to live in wealth and abundance.

By keeping it to themselves, the World Government creates artificial scarcity, allowing them to leverage their wealth to control the world.

By eradicating scarcity of resources, Luffy will liberate the world.

*Theory by Monkey D Theories

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