Mihawk is a Secret Revolutionary?


Mihawk is probably one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece. There is no record of his origin. The earliest information we have about him can be found in SBS volume 63 where Oda drew the Shichibukai as children. Mihawk is drawn with bruises and scratches from training.


Nine years ago, a war broke out in the Kuraigana Island leading to its demise. Some time after the war ended, Mihawk arrived on this island and made the castle his home. Again the reason for this is unknown. Maybe it is his childhood home, or maybe his roots can be traced to that island.

Even before the current pirate era, Mihawk was already famous. He was known to challenge strong opponents and defeat them all. This is how he earned the title of being the strongest swordsman. Mihawk developed an interest in Shanks and viewed him as his greatest rival. They battled countless times. But when Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk lost interest in fighting him.


Mihawk attended the execution of Gol D. Roger. The reason for this is again unknown. It is possible that he was interested in the Pirate King being the strongest pirate of his time. Some time later, Mihawk joined the Shichibukai. This is the first time he affiliated himself with a group.


Mihawk infiltrated the Shichibukai?

At this point, there was still no sign of Mihawk being a pirate. He seems to prefer solitude over solidarity. So his membership in the Shichibukai remains a mystery. Although it is possible that his reason is so the World Government would stop chasing him. This still poses inconsistencies though.

If he was not a pirate, why would he be chased by the Government? Maybe it was not the Government chasing him, but the likes of Zoro who wants to challenge him. So why join the Shichibukai?

My theory is that he is a member of the Revolutionary Army. And like Kuma, he infiltrated the Shichibukai to remain informed of the Government’s movements.

Okay, I know I said Mihawk is the type of person who prefers being alone. This is true. My guess is Dragon recruited him to join the Revolutionary Army. Dragon knowing the World Government’s interest in strong people to be their allies, assigned Mihawk to be a mole in the Shichibukai.

Mihawk accepts this assignment but with conditions and maybe different reasons. As the strongest swordsman, he always seeks to fight strong opponents. Being part of the Shichibukai may give him this opportunity.

He does not always attend Shichibukai meetings and does not always heed to the Government’s call to service. He seems to be choosing what assignment from the Government to accept. This was true in the Marineford War. He accepted the call to fight because the enemy was Whitebeard.

He even tried to fight Whitebeard to see the gap of strength between them.

Another possible assignment given to him by the Revolutionary Army was to train Zoro. When the Straw Hats were about to be eliminated by Kizaru at Sabaody Archipelago, Bartholomew Kuma arrived. Using his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi devil fruit, he sent Straw Hat Pirates crew to different locations.

He sent the Straw Hats to specific locations where they can train and improve their skills. This would ensure their survival in the New World. Kuma seemed to be aware of the Straw Hats skills. He sent Luffy to Amazon Lily to train Haki, a power the Amazons are known for.

Sanji was sent to Kamabakka Kingdom where Ivankov, a Revolutionary Commander resides to train. Robin was sent to Tequila Wolf where she eventually met with the Revolutionary Army. Zoro was sent to Kuraigana Island where Mihawk lives.

Mihawk did not seem surprised to see Zoro on his island. Although Mihawk always composes himself, he should have at least asked Zoro how he came to the island, but he didn’t. In fact, he even tried to stop Zoro from leaving the island in his injured state.

In conclusion, I believe that Mihawk was tasked for training Zoro.

Mihawk and Kuma’s actions were coordinated, just like Kuma and Rayleigh’s when Kuma revealed to him his plan about Luffy. We can say Mihawk is like a freelance member of the Revolutionary Army.

What do you think?

*Theory by saikiran199

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