Dragon’s most trusted Revolutionary


So I was just rereading the Thriller Bark Arc and something hit me. Here it is.


What I want to point out here is Kuma’s comment.

Kuma knows about Luffy. Isn’t that strange? I mean even Ivankov, Dragon’s right hand at this point, doesn’t know about Luffy’s existence. And judging by how Dragon reacted to Ivankov’s question about Kuma here.

He knows about Kuma already. The only thing that can really imagine here is that Dragon ordered Kuma to infiltrate the marines and somehow obtain a connection with Vegapunk. Evidently he succeeded. I may be jumping to conclusions here but I think Kuma convinced Vegapunk to join the Revolutionaries.

Dragon has absolute trust in Kuma I mean I don’t think Kuma would act on his own especially if he hates the marines, he would do nothing to aid them. Any thoughts?

*Theory by Dfu0

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