Dragon’s Plan At Mary Geoise


We know that Revolutionary Army wants to declare a war against Celestial Dragons, right? But how do they do that?


If they use their own army it is impossible to inflitrate the whole Mary Geoise. But by liberating the slaves imprisoned in Mary Geoise they can declare war on Celestial Dragons. They were some hints given about liberation: Here it shows that slaves are used as stocks and the slaves wants to die rather work in pain:

So how could they do it? They will infiltrate and will definitely release the slaves, but the slaves are already afraid of Celestial Dragons and World Government, here Belo Betty comes in play who is a Revolutionary Commander and as well as cheer-cheer fruit user.


She will definitely use her power to encourage those slaves to liberate. Imagine if those huge army of slaves decided to liberate it will cause chaos.


Liberation of slaves and make them free was hinted by Sabo when Kuma was treated as slave.

In this picture it is overshadowed that they were here to liberate and release slaves(Kuma is also a slave).

Clearly the working slaves are easy to release but what about Celestial Dragons’ slaves(Kuma)? Imagine if those army of slaves are released and encouraged? All the protectors of Mary Geoise will surely report on the vicinity(Including CP0). This will be the best chance to rescue Kuma (it will not be a easy task because Kuma can be programmed to be a slave of Celestial Dragons). This commotion can also change the thinking of many participating Nations in the Reverie because they don’t know that slaves are used as labor for pulling lifts,elevator, etc.

This liberation will surely change the view of the Celestial Dragons to be represented as villains.
Well where is Monkey D. Dragon? Well, Dragon definitely knows about the National Treasure of Mary Geoise and may use this chance to steal it.

*Theory by Monkey_D_JoyBoy

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