Edward Weevil’s Tragic Fate


I’m here to talk about one of the newest warlords: Edward Weevil.


Edward Weevil is going to return in the series.

As far as we know, Weevil may or may not be the son Edward Newgate, a.k.a Whitebeard. Weevil, however, claims this as fact. Now Oda could do a spin where he gets us to think that there’s actually no relation between both character when they actually are related. I think it would make for an interesting twist. One could also take this scene into consideration:

When we last saw the warlord, he wanted to get revenge on Blackbeard “for killing daddy”.


Now I think if Oda does follow through with this line of dialogue, there’s a way he could go about this: have Weevil play a major role in taking down Teach (Blackbeard) and end up dying in the process. Now Weevil doesn’t have to die. In fact, he could live on and take a position among the Yonko (“following in his “father’s” footsteps). Though, Weevil dying during the confrontation with Blackbeard I think would make for good character development on his part and Luffy‘s part.

Why Luffy? Because Luffy surely would like to get revenge on Blackbeard too for having captured Portgas D. Ace, which eventually lead to his death at Marineford. Not only that, but, Luffy fought alongside Whitebeard during the war. This part is very important for when the time to defeat Teach arrives.


What we could have, instead of just Luffy vs Blackbeard, (End of Series/Near End of Series) is Luffy and Weevil vs Blackbeard. This would make for a very interesting battle. You could have a moment where Luffy tells Weevil about how great Whitebeard was then they ally with each other against Teach.

Now Weevil is kind of a dumb guy, and well, so is Luffy. However, Weevil probably surpasses Luffy in this category, so he will probably running headfirst towards Blackbeard, perhaps even getting hits on the Yonko, then end up dying, perhaps standing up. This would be somewhat similar to how Newgate died, and, it can also be a parallel of Roger’s and Ace’s deaths, who were both sentenced to execution. In this case, it would be the father and son dying while standing, which would preserve the legacy of the Newgate bloodline.

*Theory by PirateKing Monkey D Luffy

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