III – Similar view with the Giants

Shanks showed since the very beginning the “spirit” of One Piece, about freedom, adventure, pirate’s life and honor values.


Shanks is someone who respects what he says and had honor values. He’s brave and respectful. He likes to fight, act, travel, make parties and enjoy time.
He is a proper “good” pirate.

Something what the giants do share.


Sometimes, the Elbaf’s giants were depicted as “barbaric” but this was the point of view of Jaguar D. Saul, from the Navy who understood the real barbary because of the World Government decision.


But, from Usopp perspective and Elbaf’s giants themselves, they look like good people.

Shanks is a man who trusts in dreams, avdentures and will. He’s the symbol of the conquest and the wish.

IMO, the Giants from Elbaf share the same feeling about life.

IV – Usopp and Yasopp’s connection to the Giants.

Yasopp is one of the top fighters of Shanks, he’s a trusted man in the Shank’s crew and took the choice in his life to go to adventure and flee from his life with his wife and his son.

I believe the Usopp’s fascination for the Giants and the aventure’s desire comes from his father.

In my opinion Usopp will meet his father in “his” arc : Elbaf’s arc. So, Shanks crew in Elbaf could be the best shot!

*Theory by Zero Zero No Mi

Oda revealed the Devil Fruits that best suit Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Usopp and Franky!

Zoro’s Final Opponent will NOT be Mihawk