Elbaf will play a major role in the plot of One Piece


Some people see Elbaf as a less important “filler” arc that has been hyped up through the story, but I’m here to tell you that it will be one of the most important plot driven arcs in the series just like Zou. Why? Poneglyphs!

Let’s remember that on Zou we found out about the creators of the poneglyphs, the Kozuki Family of Wano Kuni.

“800 years ago, in the Wano Country, a clan of stonemasons known as the Kozuki Family invented indestructible stone blocks for the purpose of recording important history on them while preventing it from being destroyed. Those stone blocks would become the Poneglyphs.” – One Piece Wiki


History was very important to the Kozuki and there were worried about losing it so they decided to carve it into indestructable stones. These stones were scattered all around the world to hide them from the world government.

The only question is….How did the Kozuki move the stones around the world??? These are giant, heavy, indestructible stones. They are not easy to move around! The answer is it was the giants of Elbaf that moved these stones! Why are the giants scattered around the world? Why don’t they just stay in Elbaf like the Samurai stay in Wano or the Minks in Zou or the Merfolk in Fishman Island (mostly). These are all persecuted races after all! Of course they would want to stay secluded away from the humans. The answer is that the giants were good friends with the Kozuki and they did what the Kozuki couldn’t do to save history! They hid them from the world government and spread them around the world.

This is foreshadowed by Oda in Jinbe’s cover story

Wadatsumi carries the poneglyph for Jinbe because it is much too heavy for any other race to move!

My theory is that the Elbaf arc will happen, not only because it has been foreshadowed by Oda, but because it will play a major role in the plot of One Piece and the story of the void century just like Zou and Wano.

*Theory by Cpt.


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