A unique system consisting of the 8 most powerful Vice Admirals

It has been established that ever since Akainu overtook the Marines, he has been constantly increasing its power in order to compensate for the gap of Aokiji’s resignation.


The Military Draft for instance is one of the improvements applied by Akainu by which many marines including new Vice Admirals and 2 very powerful individuals, Fujitora and Ryokugyu, were recruited.

But even so, with all this new power, the Marines will strive for more unforeseen power.
There is something many fans and I have noticed with the marines which is the vast difference in level between a Vice Admiral and an Admiral, between Smoker for instance and an Admiral.


I predict the rise of a new unique unit which will be limited to the most powerful Vice Admirals, individuals on the same level of power as the Admirals themselves, but when??


The very reason the Marines needed to improve was due to the stepping down of Sengoku and Garp and the retirement of Aokiji. Once the Shichibukai’s might is lost, the might of 7 incredibly powerful pirates, their respective influences, kingdoms or crews, the World Government and Marines will surely need to fill in the gap with a greater and superior force.

But why have I chosen specifically the 8 most powerful Vice Admirals and specified their level to be on par with the Admirals for this?
After the timeskip we realize a new pattern in the epithets of the Admirals:
Sakazuki the Red Dog (Akainu), Borsalino the Yellow Monkey (Kizaru), Issho the Purple Tiger (Fujitora) and finally Green Bull (Ryokugyu). Dog, Monkey, Tiger and Bull are all part of the 12 Zodiac Animals.

If your not convinced yet then listen to this:

Gion and Tokikake are 2 Vice Admirals mentioned by Oda in an SBS. He said that both these characters were candidates for the vacant Admiral positions but did not make the cuts because Fujitora and Ryokugyu were the ones chosen. The interesting thing is that their epithets are Pink Rabbit (Momousagi) and Brown Pig (Chaton) respectively. Both Pig and Rabbit are part of the 12 Zodiac Animals. With 6 of the 12 Zodiac Animals present this can not be a coincidence.

Remember how I said that the massive difference in level between Vice Admirals and Admirals was realized. The fact that Momousagi and Chaton were candidates for the Admiral position completely suggests that these 2 characters are on the power level of the other Admirals but may have been slightly weaker then Fujitora and Ryokugyu who beat them to the spot. So what’s stopping 6 more Vice Admirals from having similar power?

Admirals: Dog (Akainu), Monkey (Kizaru), Tiger (Fujitoria), Ox/Bull (Ryokugyu)
Elite Vice Admirals: Rabbit (Momousagi), Pig (Chaton). The remaining 6 are: Rat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat and Rooster

Elite Vice Admirals is a unique system that will fill in the gap of the loss of the Shichibukai System. The positions are given to the 8 most incredibly powerful Vice Admirals who are almost as powerful as the Admirals and are on their same level of power. The epithet of each of these 8 consists of a color and one of the 12 Zodiac Animals identical to the pattern of the epithets of the Admirals. As the name “Elite” suggests, all 8 are given higher authority than all other Vice Admirals and will have unique roles in the Marine system.

*Theory by Moey Krimz

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