Enel’s Great Discovery


I was reading the cover story Enel’s Great Space Operations and I noticed these robotic creatures called “Automata” which Enel came across when he arrived on the moon.


These Automata are robotic creatures which look completely “organic”(by organic I mean human/natural) on the outside. You know what else is robotic and looks completely human on the outside… the Pacifista!

Now there are a whole bunch of other machines and robotic inventions in One Piece. However, one image in particular got me intrigued in this specific relationship between the Automata and the Pacifista.


Before I did any research into the actual story behind Enel’s adventure and before I found out who and what the Automata actually were I saw this image and thought “ Hey, that looks like a dude working on a cyborg. And then I started relating everything in the picture to the World Government and the Pacifista. This is where it gets symbolic.
Note: I’m just trying to relate the painting to what we see in the One Piece world today and the following should not be taken literally.

I’ll explain now.

  • The dude with the wrench, that’s supposed to be Dr. Vegapunk, the creator of the Pacifista, and the guy beside him could just be an assistant or colleague. I would love to say that Vegapunk would be more closely related to Tsukimi, the creator of the Earth Automata, seeing as they are both portrayed as generous and kind elderly individuals and both hail from Karakuri Island, but we see Vegapunk creating dangerous and harmful Paficista and not cute, little, harmless machines, so I’d rather associate him with this ancient inventor with.


  • The person with the staff that’s guiding the fierce looking Automata somewhere could be seen as Sentomaru, who works closely with Vegapunk and also carries around a giant axe.

  • Enel refers to himself as “God”, which is also a term associated with the Celestial Dragons. Enel is shown to be fond of the Automata and take them in as his allies. This could represent the relationship between the Celestial Dragons and the Pacifista (the World Government).

I’m going to take all Automata to represent Pacifista since I can’t see anything Vegapunk has created to relate to the Earth Automata but not the Moon ones. But hey, maybe Cosmo, Spacey,Galaxy and Macro could represent some elite Pacifista we haven’t seen yet, but I’m not too keen on that idea.

Now we go on to this scene from earlier in the cover story where Seamars, a space pirate, attacks one of the Automata. A space pirate!?! Of all things in the universe, doing any possible action, we have a space pirate attacking an Automata. A pirate, for no apparent reason, naturally opposing God’s allies!
Yes, Corazon said the bearers of the Will of D. were “God’s natural enemies” and not pirates in general but hey I’m too desperate to link what I can and make some sense out of it.

So yeah, this scene could symbolize the opposing sides of pirates and Automata (Pacifista/World Government/Celestial Dragons). If you want to be specific I guess Seamars could represent Luffy or any pirate with the Will of D.

Also, Enel does go on to defeat the Space pirates which according to this whole theory would mean that the World Government will triumph over the pirates which no one wants to happen so let’s just ignore that.

In conclusion, this is just my random attempt to correlate something from a cover story with the actions of the World Government which could have been a prophecy from an ancient civilization based on the moon who predicted the state of the One Piece world today ages ago.

Some things I overlooked in this theory.

1. The connection between the Moon Birka and Enel’s home island, Birka

2. The Automata in the paintings and the ones that were energized by Enel have wings and Pacifista don’t. Although the Automata that came from Karakuri Island didn’t have wings.

This whole piece turned out to be way deeper than I expected but regardless I hope it was entertaining or interesting to read, it was quite interesting for me to write and think of.

*Theory by TheMeans

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