Enma vs Kaido & Ame no Habakiri vs Orochi


Wano was conquered and reduced to penury by Orochi and Kaido. They invaded the samurai’s land 20 years before the current events and took control over it.


They have also killed Oden Kozuki, Kuri’s Daimyo, a man that once was able to make Wano great.

Oden used to have two swords with him (it is almost safe to say that he was a Nitoryu’s expert). The swords he has carried were:

-Enma. This is the only sword that is known for being able to left a scar on Kaido’s body. When Oden died this sword was given to Hiyori, while nowadays she wants to give it to Zoro. Indeed our Kaizoku Gari has already got the sword.


-Ame no Habakiri. This can be translated as “Snake Slayer” or something similar. After Oden’s death this sword was given to his older son, Momonosuke. This is what is reported by Wikipedia: 天羽々斬, lit. “Snake-Slayer of Takamagahara”


Now, after 20 years passed, these two legendary swords that once belonged to Oden Kozuki are going to be used in the final battle:

1– Enma will be used by Zoro against Kaidou. The three style swordsman will repeat, may surpass, Oden’s feat of wounding Kaidou. Zoro, through Enma, is going to have a crucial role in Kaido’s defeat.

Obviously I’m not saying that he will defeat the Beast alone, indeed I guess he will fight alongside other Supernovas, like Luffy, Kid and Law. My take is that Zoro will throw the second-last blow against Kaidou, while Luffy the last one since he is the main character. In this way Zoro’s blow can be very important in Kaidou’s defeat even if it is not the last.

2– Ame no Habakiri the “Snake-Slayer” is going to be used to kill Orochi. Notice that the current Shogun of Wano has the devil fruit of the Yamata no Orochi that is nothing but a snake with 8 heads. So the sword’s name suits very well with the name and the power of Orochi.

This sword belongs to Momonosuke, it would be awesome if he uses one of his father’s sword in order to kill Orochi. I think the strength of the Shogun it’s not an issue for Momonosuke (after all he is training hard), in the worst case he will give only the final blow, once Orochi is already defeated by other characters, for example Kinemon.

Well, in short I think that it would be awesome if the brain (Orochi) and the strenght (Kaido) behind Wano’s invasion are defeated using the swords that Oden has wielded when he was alive, swords that belonged to a man that they killed brutally.

*Theory by style

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