Eustass Kid and Law are the real MVPs of Chapter 1009


Eustass Kid and Law are the real MVPs of Chapter 1009, on the offensive standpoint.

Kid considered the possibility to make a quick work by using Law’s ability, but as soon as Law confirmed that’s not possible the 2 of ‘em understood that they had to come up with something different.


So Kid decides to build a metal box which can be used as a Faraday cage.

And Law shambles Zeus (who’s not Linlin and can be teleported) into Kid’s box. This way, Zeus is neutralized and out of the game.


Kid then attacks Linlin to lure her near him and receives a full punch from her on the face.


In response, Kid tanks it, smiles at her for falling into his trick and repels Linlin vertically in the air, Law completes the action by hitting her and pushing her horizontally.

Kid and Law did such a good job, that Linlin realizes what they just did when it’s too late. She’s already falling down from flying Onigashima and tries to call Zeus to save her… to bad that Zeus is still trapped in Kid’s Faraday cage.

Analyze, adapt, counterattack. This way, Eustass Kidd and Trafalgar Law just took out an Emperor.

*by rerere

Zoro’s Final Opponent will NOT be Mihawk

In Chapter 1009 Zoro showed Emperor Level Strenght and Defense!