Eustass Kid’s Awakening Has So Much Potential


Eustass Kid’s Awakening Has So Much Potential

Before I start we should take into account that in Anime and Manga things can become more simplistic for the sake of the narrative. Things like rubber not burning when hit by lightning or Magma being able to burn an intangible element like fire. So with the awakening of Kid’s devil fruit, the potential of this guy’s power is endless. I’ve been seeing a lot of people who think Kid’s devil fruit is trash but that is not true. It’s just that Kid is not using it creatively enough.


These are some of the things that Kid can potentially do with his newfound awakening:

First of all we should clarify what his devil fruit awakening is. And it’s pretty simple. according to Law, he can give something magnetic qualities.

So Kid can give his surrounding magnetic qualities he can potentially float in the air:


Of course to do this you need electromagnet but when Kid uses his devil fruit, electricity does appear around him so maybe he can use electromagnets:


This floating effect can also be used on the enemy to trap them in the air in a helpless position.

Using Electromagnetic levitation he can avoid Friction force so he should be able to travel much faster just like the fastest train in the world:

He should be able to create a magnetic field between his enemy and the ground beneath them and divide the positive and negative poles in away that the enemy would get pulled towards the ground. (Instead of ground getting pulled towards the enemy) and with doing this the opponent will get trapped to the ground and unable to move.

The effect of doing this would be the same as what Fujitora does with gravity but Kid could reach the same result but with a different way. He can make a magnetic field between himself and the enemy so that whenever the enemy gets close to him he can create immediate distance between himself and the opponent because they both have similar poles so they will repel each other.

And in result of that he can’t be attacked with close range attacks. Now it doesn’t matter if the opponent is using Advanced Conqueror’s Haki or Ryuo or whatever. It doesn’t matter as long as they can’t reach him, just like the gif below when the right magnet never reaches the left one.

And even if they did reach him by magic or something, in theory they still can’t touch him because the force between enemy and Kid is still repulsive so the attack will not touch Kid (well unless you have someone like Kaido to breakthrough by shear force and even then the impact of the attack would decrease tremendously). This can potentially give you the second best defence after Bartolomeo’s devil fruit.

In the same way that he can make distance with repulsive force, if he reverses that he can also pull the enemy towards himself using the attractive magnetic force just like Blackbeard does with gravity. But instead of gravity, Kid can do this with magnetic force:

He can literally do this:

Yes obviously it won’t have the same effect with internal distruction but being able to push people back without touching them is a useful ability that comes in handy against some devil fruit users like Magellan

Also using the same reason I used for how he can trap people to the ground, he can also do the same thing with the ceiling and walls so that his opponent would go crashing to them.

And these are just a few things off the top of my head that Kid could POSSIBLY do if his devil fruit was used more creativity.

*Theory by one-piecer1

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