Every single panel in the ending of the last chapter is just a vision!


The ending of the latest manga chapter probably has dozens of speculations.


Some think the panel of Luffy being hit was just a vision. Some think that the panels that are grey are the real scenes. But the final panel with Charlotte Flampe laughing never fit into any of them convincingly. And I think I finally figured out how to make the last panel make sense.

My theory is that every single panel on the last page is a vision, not just the panel of him getting hit, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM, well, except the very last scene of Flampe.

Ok listen up, I’m saying that Katakuri has not even launched his Mochi Thrust yet. Why do I think that, you may ask. The idea is actually very simple once you consider the arrow.

On the previous page, Luffy saw the arrow flying by, and hitting him right in the knee. In the very next panel, we see the panel where Luffy looks down at his knee, and exclaim “Huh..?”. Indicating that he was not hit. Realize that he has not made any effort to dodge the arrow yet, so the fact that he wasn’t hit implies that the arrow was not shot yet. So this raises the question, “when will the arrow be shot?”. If you actually consider this, you probably already understand everything I’m about to say in the following paragraph.

If we look at the very last panel, we see the panel Flampe chuckling. What does this imply? Many people assume it as Flampe laughing at Luffy being hit, but I think otherwise. Remember how I pointed out in the previous paragraph of, “when will the arrow be shot?”. Yes, I think this is when she tries to fire the arrow.

In other words, the vision he had is that he gets hit by the arrow, and as a result gets hit by Mochi Thrust, meaning that so long as he dodges the arrow in the next chapter, he will be able to dodge the oncoming Mochi Thrust.

tldr: Everything on the last page is a vision, including Katakuri beginning to launch the attack. Luffy is still kneeling on the floor and has not yet moved to dodge.

*Theory by essssssss123

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