The Ultimate Proof that Katakuri should not be Kaido’s Son!


So I was talking to someone today about the callback to chapter 701 in chapter 973 (Kaido’s hand and “what is your name?”) and he mentioned to me something interesting.


In chapter 973, Kaido is dressed very similarly to Katakuri. Leather pants and leather vest, kinda like a biker.


Then I realized that on Katakuri’s arm tattoo, there’s a skull on the bicep. On the same arm, Kaido he has a similar looking skull. As well, the characters both have skulls on their belt buckle.


It seems that Oda has subtly been hinting that Kaido is Katakuri’s dad.

Also Katakuri’s size and strength make sense. If this is the case, it would allow for such an incredible character development for Katakuri, considering his parents are allied against the one person he respects and views as an equal that isn’t in his family, which is Luffy.

There is however a very valid reason to discredit this belief.
According to Ace Novel, it was mentioned that Whitebeard(72 years old when he died) and Big Mom(68 years old) are old generation, while Kaido(unknown age) and Shanks(39 years old) are younger generation.

Kaido is probably about 50/55 years old since he was part of the legendary Rocks Pirates just as an apprentice. Remember Shanks was an apprentice on Gol D. Roger’s ship at age 9/14.

As we know the Rocks Pirates sailed the seas 38 years before the current storyline and we can suppose Kaido was about 10/15 years old at that time.

This would eliminate any possibility of Katakuri, who is 48 years old, being Kaido’s son.

*Theory by mugiwara-yevzgnar

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