Evidences for Sanji’s Future Power Ups


It’s quite a long theory with a lot of facts and evidence that deals with various topics, I divided it into sections so you can skip to the topic that interests you more if you don’t want to read the whole thing.


And to keep your interest I’ll introduce his new abilities firstly and then provide the evidence for each ability.

1.Gamma leg – Sanji is going to use blue radioactive flame that’s dealing damage to internal organs much like Law’s gamma knife.

2.Solar raid suit – Sanji’s raid suit is going to provide him solar energy which will enhance the effects of his genetic modification.

3.Plasma leg – The raid suit will also grant him a magnetic field in which he will be able to lock particles of air, turn them to plasma and shape it in any form he would like (It starts in “Venus” section).

4.Black flame – by mixing his plasma flames with Armament Haki he’s going to create black flames so hot that they can burn through spacetime.

You might think that I’m crazy, right? Well I don’t mind lets just get straight to the facts:

*** Gamma Leg ***

During his trainings in Kamabakka Kingdom Ivankov, one of the strongest Rokushiki masters, taught him guess what.. yes, Rokushiki.  Sanji mastered all of the Rokushiki styles to a very great extent, examples:

-Blue walk –

“The underwater version of Sky Walk. A technique that allows him to travel … at least as fast or faster than a fishman underwater. Sanji kicks the water multiple times to gain impulse similar to Rokushiki techniques, Soru (in the manner of kicking rapidly) and Geppo (in its use to “jump” in water) thus “running” underwater.”



Mixing 2 Rokushiki styles it’s something only the best Rokushiki masters of CP9 could do (Lucci, Jabra and Kaku), but what if in fishman island he actually used 3 styles at the same time?

He is also now able to withstand pressures of over 5000 feet under water without a coating, a depth which would have crushed a submarine.

He didn’t used Armament Haki back then (we’d see it), so the only known technique to withstand such pressure is…

-Tekkai – Sanji is now able to use Tekkai while moving, something only Jabra could do. Proof for that is his encounters with Daifuku. During the wedding party Daifuku caught him off guard and sent him flying to break things in the background with one hit with his Jin. Later the same Jin, but in stronger version, attempted to attack Sunny but Sanji blocked his hit with one leg in mid air without getting knocked back but also without moving angry Jin’s spear away, incident which suggests that he held back a persistent force while flying.

Despite the fact Sanji missed crusial hits during Whole Cake Island like that of Daifuku at the wedding and like the one he got from Yuen, people somehow still believe that it was Observation Haki that helped him to dodge Katakuri’s projectile, but there is another simple explanation to this…

-Kami-e – Sanji expected in that very moment to get a shot from somewhere, so he could have just enter a Kami-e stance.

-Poele a Friere Spectre – it seems that he’s mixing Rankyaku with Diable Jambe what allows him to shoot fireballs with his legs.

With all that being said, I can safetly assume Sanji mastered Rokushiki completely and get to the point:

-Rokuogan –

“the secret and ultimate attack of the Rokushiki style … The user places both their fists right in front of the target to focus their physical strength to launch a devastating shock … The burst is a reminiscence to that released by an Impact or Reject Dial … and causes massive internal injuries.”

Why Sanji didn’t use it so far?

“This is only used during desperate situations as Lucci is always shown panting after using it”.

He simply didn’t had a serious fight yet.  How would he use it?  Obviously with his legs instead of fists, but the interesting part – what would happen if he mix it with Diable Jambe’s flames? I think you guessed the answer by now – Gamma flames!

*** Sanji’s genetic modification ***

When I tried to figure out the principles behind the suits of the other brothers to proceed for predictions about Sanji’s suit I noticed that they can use their modified genetic powers without the suits, at least Niji could produce electric shock without wearing his suit, but with the suit he went super saiyan. So the suits kinda unlocks the full potential of the genetic powers, which means there must be a conditional factor to the powers and by changing the conditions you can effect the power.

The most common theory is that the genetic modifications of the Vinsmokes are about putting insects’ DNA in them, but I couldn’t think of a conditional factor that may alter the abilities of an insect. So I came up with another idea:

There is a widespread use of metals and stones with special proporities in the one piece verse, for example the Wapo metal became very popular and Franky found it useful for crafting weapons, in fact the raid suits are stated to be made from wapo metal as well.

Other examples are liquor iron ore (chapter 803 page 6, while we’re yet to know what this ore is, it’s special and important for sure) and Dyna Stones (analogy for atomic bombs).

In chapter 851 page 4 Pudding said something that caught my attention, she said Germa are known to have “iron” bodies.  We also heard many times Judge accusing Sanji for not having an “iron body” calling him failure, and when Sanji was born we heard the scientist reporting:

“all of the four brothers were modified succsesfully in paper but for some unkown reason Sanji is the only one whose measureables remained the same snice his birth” (chapter 840 page 15).

Why would Oda not made the scientist just straightly reporting that Sanji’s modifications are failed instead of making it dramatic with the first part about success in paper, and what this emphasis on “iron” is about?  All of the Germa brothers has some connection to metal in their nicknames (we can exclude Reiju, she’s confirmed to be devil fruit user in one piece magazine vol. 1 and born separately from the brothers):

Sparkling Red – metalworking, flint and steel, metal + heat and hit = sparks.

Electric Blue – electric conductivity is a typical feature of metals. Also there is a thing named piezoelectricity:

electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. Ceramics are partly metallic. (source: wikipedia)

Winch Green – usually a winch has metalic thread that allows it to lift heavy things.

What about Sanji? His nickname “Black Leg” is connected to Kamen Rider black RX rather than to metal (I will get back to this in the next section), but Sanji himself does possess metalic feature as many metals are very flammable (class D fire), that also would explain why he himself doesn’t get burnt by the flames of Diable Jambe.

Without interacting with Sanji’s hidden genetic modification the suit is boring since Sanji can do pretty much everything it allows except producing electricity, and the whole point of designing it specifically for Sanji is meaningless if it doesn’t interacts with his power (Luffy said he’s the only one to be able to use it + the number 3 on it is for Sanji since he’s the 3rd brother).

Each raid suit has a different design and if we’ll invistigate every detail closely we could get hints about how it interacts with its corresponding metalic human power.

Niji’s raid suit – has a row of several stripes with knobs at their edges and two antenas sticking out of his headphones. This design remainds me a power station.  So could it be that his ability is to discharge electcity in an increased manner and his suit simply provides him electric charge?   Judge’s suit has similiar design and it produces electcity (Judge himself has no genetic modification) but this electcity seems smaller and weaker compared to Niji’s, that’s why I think Niji’s genetic metal traits are about enhancing electcity and without the suit he can only discharge the small amout of the electcity that accumulates in human body naturely.

Ichigi’s raid suit – sparks are simply result of metal responding to heat and friction, and this is pretty much what is represented on Ichigi’s belt –  a dot with red lines centerd on it like it’s a target for hit and heat.  So it could be that Ichigi has the proporities of some metal that’s getting heated super easly and his suit provides him the heat he needs to produce sparks.

Yonji’s raid suit – here it gets more complicated, the extending and shortening function of a winch is a result of the mechanical rotation of its reel, not something that involves the physical proporities of the metal the thread is made of.  The skull on his belt shows rotational motion so it could be that the suit provides some rotational mechanism to his bones, Yonji himself seems to have quite mechanical structure of body considering the scene where he got his face wrincked and he could return it to normal with hammer knocks, his metalic proporities seems to be similiar to Wapo metal but instead of changing shape in response to heat I believe this metal that he made of is changing its density in response to oxygen.

Why oxygen? Everytime we see that Yonji is about to give a hard punch there is some accumulation of air around his arm and after the punch his fist is steaming (see chapter 871 page 3 and chapter 898 page 10, in one piece games this air is even colored in green).

Why density?  When the Vinsmokes arrived to help Sanji and Luffy to escape the ambush in Chocolate Island every sibling faced obstacle that is analogical to his own powers:

1-Yonji had to fight Yuen who seems to control the density of his weapon.

2-Ichigi had to fight Oven whose powers are about heat.

3-Reiju had to stop an unit of soldiers with poisonous rockets.

4-Niji had to overcome fast bullets by using speed.

So Yonji’s suit is isolating oxygen when he want the arm to expand and concetrating it when he want the arm to be densier hence stronger.

And now what about Sanji? His metal abillity based on solar energy and that’s what his raid suit is going to provide him. Follow the next section…

*** Sanji’s raid suit ***

Some people may think that he won’t wear the suit but I proved otherwise in the venus section below.

Now about the suit.. Remember I mentioned Kamen Rider black rx?

It’s not my discovery but there is a dude out there in the internet which figured out that the inspiration of Oda for the whole germa66 theme is an organization from Kamen Rider series named “Shocker”.

The scientists of this organization did surgeries and modifications on its members (rangers) to grant them super-human abilities so they could take over the world.  Proofs:

-Oda admits he watched kamen rider in his childhood and shows a great knowledge in this series in SBS volume 29.

-Shocker is heavly inspired by the nazi theme so does Germa66 – Germa is short for germany and 66 it’s a reference to the nazi SS (66 in german it’s ” Sechs Sechs”), their main hall with Judge’s throne has the nazi eagle in the background and shocker uses this symbol a lot as well.

Sanji’s fighting style is inspired by another character in this series, a rider named Black RX:

1-Black RX is a photosynthetic warrior that uses the sun as his main energy source. His theme is a black grasshoper. Grasshoper are known for having a strong legs.

2-One of his signature moves is the RX Kick in which he ignites his leg with the power of the sun and drops a strong kick.

3-Black RX is very emotional person, he has two tranformations that he unlocks when he becomes emotional, “princeof sadness” form in which he becomes super durable and “prince of anger” form in which he becomes super fast.  Prince and emotions are two motifs that Sanji has as well. Will the raid suit grant him 2 new modes?

4-In thriller bark Zoro made a comedic comment about Sanji being so mad that it seems like “he’s almost about to transform into something”.

5-Sanji is kicking asses when it’s daytime but when it’s dark he seems to be weaker (probably no one noticed it).   Black RX has a system named “Sun Bask” to collect and store sunlight energy.

6-SBS volume 7:

“Everyone lives in circles!! The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth all spin in circles!! Now remember that Sanji’s eyebrow channels that same powerful circular energy!!”.

You may say it’s just comedy, but..  SBS volume 44:

“Sanji’s leg is not hot!! His heart was burning so much hotter!!”.

Heart = emotions. It ended up being true although it sounds comedic, when Sanji uses “Hell Memories” he brings up strong emotions from his traumatic experience and by doing so his flames becomes much hotter.

7-Sanji’s luck is combust venus so he’s connected to the sun in many ways.

*** Venus ***

“When one is born when the Sun is close to Venus then we say that this person has a combust Venus”.

Why I think Sanji has anything to do with Venus?

-Out of all of the planets in the solar system Venus is the only one that rotates clockwise. Sanji is the only sibling in the family that his eyebrows spirals clockwise.

-In many ancient cultures, babylonian and greek as being most noteworthy, Venus is a goddess of love, lust, sexuality and etc.  No need to mention how it fits Sanji’s personallity.

-Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, thus often being referred to as “hell“.

-In christianity Venus is associated with the devil because of the prophecy of Isaiah about the fall of Lucifer (the devil) in the person of some babylonian king that being described in literary language as the morning star – Venus.   Sanji’s Diable jambe and several of his techniques has a devil theme in them.

Zeff’s cruise ship is called “Orbit”. In the cover page of chapter 533 Sanji is looking into the stars.

In chapter 495 page 2 Usopp (the prophet of one piece world) says:

“Was Sanji born under some kind of miracle star or something?”.

Oda is desperately hinting about Sanji’s connection to the stars.

-In the cover page of chapter 127 Sanji holds a suitcase with the word “secret” and the number “1830“. I searched for astrological events in the year 1830 and found out that in March venus conjuncted the sun. Why March? Sanji was born in March.

“When one is born when the Sun is close to Venus then we say that this person has a combust Venus”.

So what does this combust venus thing mean?

“these people will be full of desires to love and experience sensual pleasures, but they will keep getting burned by these at moments”.

“..The Sun also represents some important figure in the person’s life(usually father) who might have been unappreciative or dismissing when the child with Sun/Venus was showing love and affection asking for attention”.

This is about the first phase of Sanji’s personallity. Now the second phase:

“In some case, Venus overpowers the Sun…a person will sacrifice their goals or some career plan because of relationships or some other compromise they have to do because of relationships”.

The compromise will be putting the raid suit on him, for the sake of saving Nami or someone else…

*** Plasma leg ***

The weakness of Venus – it’s the only planet in the solar system that has no magnetic field.

What are the benefits of magnetic field?  Magnetic fields protect a planet from plasma which consists of charged particles streaming out from the Sun known as the “solar wind“.

A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of these energetic charged particles which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetic field.

By trapping the solar wind, the magnetic field deflects those energetic particles and protects the atmosphere from destruction (those were wiki quotes).

If Venus had such magnetic field it would overcome the solar wind (remember Sanji overpowers the sun?) and create a plasma formation known as planetary bow shockwave.  If Sanji had such magnetic field what would happen?

1-It could protect him from the harmfull radiation of his Gamma flames, thus allowing him to use it without limit.

2-By traping air particles around him and mixing it with the Gamma flames he would create super hot plasma formations around him, and by changing the shape of the magnetic field he would give the plasma interseting forms, for example two knives that comes out of his legs would be cool..

Here’s a little trivia for you –

In french “Jambe” means “Leg”, but the japanese kanji reads “Diable’s Wind

Diable is “devil” in french. If Judge is the devil in Sanji’s eyes, and he’s also the sun, Diable Jambe will turn out to be the devil’s wind, or the solar wind.

*** Black flames ***

So far, we haven’t seen anyone mixing Armament Haki with energy, only solid weapons or material logias such Akainu’s lava are seen to be mixed with Armament Haki.

Fire on its own is mainly energy so it’s unlikely that Sanji can enhance his Diable Jambe’s flames with haki right now.

But when he will put his raid suit he will be able to create plasmic flames, and plasma is a state of actual matter not just energy, so Sanji will be able to coat those flames with haki!

Now I’ll show my speculations about what those black flames will do. I searched quite a lot about black flames in mythology, first thing to come in mind was amaterasu (because of naruto), but I figured out that the sun goddess amaterasu actually has nothing to do with black flames in literature.

What I did found is that the main concept in alchemy is about dark fire or more specifically about the black sun that this fire originates from.

The similarity between amaterasu of shinto religion and the black sun of alchemy is that they both atributed to the origins of the universe and serves an ultimate role of “illumination”.

“There is a persistent belief in alchemaic and hermetic tradition in the existence of two suns: a hidden one of pure “philosophical gold,” consisting of the essential Fire conjoined with aether, and the apparent one of profane “material gold.” The “dark, consuming fire” of the material sun leads it to be called the “Dark” or “Black Sun”…The black sun is used to illuminate the dissolution of the body.”

Black sun is also the symbol of the nazi SS mentioned earlier, which reminds me of operation “paperclip” in which many nazi scientists were recruited to work for the U.S goverment to later form the first space agency – nasa, and this in turn reminds me that some neo-nazis today believes in the occultistic black sun as being the main black hole which all the space revolves around.

In fact, the early concept of black holes was indeed named “black stars” (black suns in other words), so you don’t have to be neo-nazi to connect the mythical black sun to the proporities of a black hole.

“A black star is created when matter compresses at a rate significantly less than the freefall velocity of a hypothetical particle falling to the center of its star which creates a form of degeneracy pressure, preventing spacetime from occupying the same space at the same time”

Basically it’s erasing anything. I didn’t found any reference to black flames in mythology other than the idea about black sun, so I’ll have to assume Kishimoto’s amaterasu was inspired by the alchemaic black sun and the semiclassical gravity because I don’t think he’s neo-nazi lol.. Though Oda may not follow any mythology and simply give it the proporities he want.

*Theory by Dtking23

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