Fastest Straw Hats According To Eiichiro Oda


In Oda’s SBS for volume 85, he revealed who the fastest Straw Hat is. He was speaking strictly travel speed wise, but it does still show his intent. He jokingly does away with Zoro, but the results wouldn’t change much even if he didn’t. This is what he said.


D: Who is the fastest crewmate when they run 50-meter race?

Oda: It’s hard to answer..

  1. Brook
  2. Sanji
  3. Luffy
  4. Chopper
  5. Zoro
  6. Usopp
  7. Nami
  8. Robin
  9. Franky.
  • Brook is fast since his body weight is light.
  • Chopper would be ranked higher if he used Walk Point. (another translation: Chopper is ranked high because he can use Walk Point.)
  • Zoro would be ranked higher in the shorter distance race since he would not run off the track.
  • Franky is ranked low since he is heavy.

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