Final Poneglyph: Roger handed it to the World Government!


Final Poneglyph: Did Roger hand it over to the World Government?


The Location of the 4th Poneglyph has been one of greatest mysteries in One Piece since it is currently considered lost.

Who was the last person in possession of the Final Road Poneglyph?

The Pirate King Gol D. Roger found and deciphered it along with the other 3 Road Poneglyphs and became the first person to find Raftel.
This means unlike the other 3 Poneglyphs (one was in Zou while the other 2 are protected and in possession of Kaido and Big Mom) the last Road Poneglyph would be unprotected when the Roger Pirates crew went their own way or… ROGER TRADED IT FOR HIS CREW.


This makes sense when you think about it


Any Woman with connections to you will be put straight to death

The World Government was desperate to end Roger’s bloodline and went to the extreme to get it done by almost massacring all the woman and children in that island.
It was more important to them then the Final Poneglyph but Roger could have made them let his crew retire in peace (Buggy and Shanks are an exception since they’re active pirates and not retired). Anyway the trust in the World Government would be lost if the world found out that they accepted a deal from Roger.

Backroom Deal 

So it was a secret deal between Roger and the World Government and the only ones who are aware of this are Top Tier Marines like the Sengoku Garp and the Admirals.
So their bounties are Active meaning Lower Ranking Marines would go after them but it’s not like they could do anything. We saw Garp tell some Marines not to go after Rayleigh and told them to not tell Sengoku because Sengoku will be forced to say the same thing and that order coming from Sengoku would make them question his leadership.


Ex-Admiral Aokiji left the Marines after his battle with Akainu refusing to serve under him.
Like Akainu, Kizaru, Sengoku and Garp Aokiji would also have knowledge of the deal with Roger. This also means that Aokiji knows the location of the final Road Poneglyph and he would have access to it.

Did Aokiji use his position to take a copy of the final Road Poneglyph??

Here’s my prediction: he did it to gain the trust of Blackbeard but it’s possible that he also wanted to hand it over to Nico Robin at Punk Hazard but he missed them and after that there was no possible way of him meeting them since their location was only mentioned publicly on the news recently when Blackbeard mentioned that the Straw Hats were headed towards Wano.
Could it be possible that Aokiji is planning to meet them in Wano??

Why does Aokiji want to hand it over to Robin?

Aokiji was following orders during the Ohara incident but he knew that it was wrong and in the end he was forced to kill his friend Jaguar D. Saul but made him a promise to let Nico Robin live.

Now since he’s not a Marine anymore he could try to make amends by helping her find the truth about the Poneglyphs completing the work of everyone who was killed including her mother.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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