Flaming Haki in Wano and Luffy’s Gear 5


What do Kin’emon and Hyōgorō have in common?


Obviously they are both strong Wano swordsmen capable of imbuing their swords with Haki, but I have a hunch their powers are similar in an even more unique way…

What do they also have in common with Basil Hawkins’ “Kirin” and Inuarashi and Kin’emon’s “Basan”?


…that’s right, I’m talking about flames, baby!

Flaming Haki Theory

I have thought for a while that old man Hyō’s flame hair-do is not just “flame-shaped”, but is an actual flame generated by his spirit and materialized as a dynamic flame (that doesn’t burn anything the user doesn’t want it to, just like a haki sword).


Chapter 942’s introduction of another species that has these flames (on top of Kirin) made me feel more confident that this is a power that anyone (human or animal) with strong haki can unlock – materialisation of haki into flames.

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Kin’emon is largely seen as an average warrior, partly because his devil fruit is so weak, but we know he is a proficient haki user and that he was captain of Oden’s 9 Red Scabbards.

I think his ability to generate flames with his sword is a sign of his advanced proficiency with this specific type of haki materialisation technique.

Maybe Luffy already is using this a little bit when he does Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk (possibly Sanji for Diable Jambe too), and I can’t help but I think this supports an under-appreciated theory that basically Luffy’s Gear Fifth is going to be a FLAMING RUBBER MONKEY WARRIOR.

What do you think? 🙂

*Theory by Aspie_Astrologer

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