Florian Triangle Foreshadowing


In chapter 937 we got a new colour spread.


I noticed that Robin was pointing towards something on a globe.

The very first impression I got when I looked at it for the first time was that to the left of where Robin was actually pointing was the American continent (though I noted that the scale was completely out of proportion so I thought it weird at first). However, it didn’t took me long to realise that this is a One Piece map and that big landmass is actually the Red Line.


However, for sake of curiosity I peered at it one more time and thought that it kind of bears some resemblance with our world map in a way, if you for imagine that Luffy’s foot is on top of the west side of the North American continent and right below it is Central America with the very similar looking isthmus that connects North and South America (and keep in mind that there are many differences with our real world map and that if Oda was making some kind of to make it look similar, it wouldn’t be nearly drawn to scale). Just for the sake of argument imagine it to be so. If we imagine that this is what Oda subtly tried or wanted to convey, then I thought: where would Robin actually be pointing (keep in mind, not drawn to scale)? Somewhere close to the Caribeans (famous for piracy back in the good old times). She’d actually be pointing at Bermuda (the Bermuda Triangle perhaps?).

Keep in mind then that we’ve seen something similar in the World of One Piece: the Florian Triangle.


In the colour spread there’s a lot of treasure, Luffy is wearing the same kind of hat and robe that Roger, the King of the Pirates, wore as a pirate, Usopp is wearing a Vikings helmet (Usopp’s huge dream is to go to Elbaf and maybe even reunite with Dory and Broggy but this time as a real “brave warrior of the sea”) Nami is holding a map (her being a cartographer) and so one could imagine that in a way what Oda is subtly trying to convey through this colour spread is something that relates to the end goal of the Straw Hats, as in the case of Luffy being Pirate King, Usopp is a brave warrior, Nami has mapped the entire Grand Line, etc. (as it pertains to the others a little less clear in this regard). However, if we say for the sake of argument that Robin’s end goal is to find out about the truth of the Void Century, then might it be that the Florian triangle has some bearing on the history of the Void Century?

We also see Sanji hovering over the globe and holding onto it and Sanji’s end goal is of course to find the All Blue. Likewise Chopper is holding onto the globe and he wants to find the panacea to cure all illnesses, maybe as it relates to some special place on the other side of the globe (Wano perhaps…?)

Thank you for reading and hope you found it interesting. And for next time! Have a nice day!

*Theory by Critical Mindset

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