Germa 66 will save Luffy and join Grand Fleet


Regardless of the outcome of Luffy vs Katakuri one thing is for guaranteed, Luffy will be heavily wounded and will require medical attention greater then Chopper can provide, as he currently has sustained in my opinion the second highest damage ever only second to Marineford.


Luffy has been getting beat down for 95% of the fight against Katakuri but this attack really did him in, last time he made a face like this was in Marineford Arc and the only reason he survived was because of Trafalgar Law’s use of his Ope Ope. At this point Luffy can hardly even stand up.

Chopper is a good doctor but I don’t think he can heal Luffy to this extent in a short period of time. Guaranteed at the end of the fight after Luffy uses G4 Snake Man he is gonna be unable to move his body and the damage he sustained is gonna really gonna kick in and restrict his body movements and how could he possibly survive and recover from this tremendous amount of abuse?

Only 1 way


We know Germa 66 is technologically advanced so they must have some sort of Healing device, it would be foolish not to as they constantly are fighting/warmongering, as a precaution. It would be something like this


And this plays into the plot perfectly as we know Germa is currently on-route to the Strawhats and they are aware they are headed to Cacao Island,what other way could they prove their worth in the story then to save Luffy from this dire situation. This could also be used as a way to mend the relationship with Sanji if just a bit. Germa 66 doesn’t strike me as a group that would just go around helping people with no self-interest we know that the only reason Germa wanted an alliance with Big Mom even though they despise pirates was to fly under her flag to easily conquer the North Blue, well now that’s gone to shit. The Germa 66 has firsthand seen the power of Strawhat Luffy and now they need his flag to conquer the North Blue as an alternative. We know in the New World it’s either you join a Yonkou or you go against them. And the Germa and the Strawhats have both enraged the Big Mom Pirates now their in the same boat so what better person for the Germa to align themselves with then the Strawhat Pirates.

*Theory by KaMiKaZi

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