The main reason for pairing Chopper with San Juan Wolf is because he is the only one in the crew who could potentially develop to a point where he could fight this guy 1v1. Why is that? Because he’s ENORMOUS. Let’s take a look at a scale.


From A to G, this scale reads

A – Normal Human level (5-7 ft: Luffy, Mihawk, etc)
B – Tall Human level (9-12 ft: Jinbe, Doflamingo, etc)
C – Giant Human level (18-22 ft: Kuma, Whitebeard etc)
D – Wotan (Big Pan: Half Fishman Half Giant from Foxy’s crew)
E – Giant Level (Dory, Broggy etc)
F – Oars

Just looking at that alone, you should be able to see why most of the other 1v1 picks don’t make sense to me. Like really? Thousand Sunny+Franky? Jinbe? Jinbe wouldn’t even be visible to this guy. The Thousand Sunny doesn’t even go past his ankle.

A team fight sounds more plausible than both of those, and imo, I don’t wanna see us resorting to a team fight for a character in what should be very late in the series. IMO, Chopper is on the path to facing this guy because of foreshadowing by Oda.
When Oda introduce Chopper he introduced the Rumble Ball and laid out immediately that it was a medical breakthrough Chopper happened upon that allowed him as a zoan to bypass the usual basic transformations they have and achieve greater utility out of their fruit.
As the series progressed, we learned that 3 Rumble Balls taken in quick succestion led to the Monster Point form.


Now when we learned of Awakening, the Knee-Jerk response that even I bought into was the idea that Chopper may have been unlocking or tapping his zoan awakening with the Rumble Balls. Because of the obvious similarities between Monster Point and the Awakened Zoans in Impel Down, who lost control and were just beasts.However, after more careful consideration and research, I no longer consider that to be the case. And it all stems from a small exert from SBS Volume 58.


This seemingly harmless SBS question to me speaks to the true purpose of the Rumble Balls going forward. Here Oda indicates that 3 rumbles would turn a normal human into a Giant. It is this cutely hidden Oda response that to me means Oda might be hinting that Chopper may have discovered accidentally the means to GIGANTIFICATION.

The same process spoken about by Caesar in PH that Vegapunk is failing to do. We know that Vegapunk has unlocked the secrets to life, the blueprints (DNA). But Chopper with his rumbles has been manipulating his DNA ever since he was INTRODUCED.
It might have actually always been a part of Chopper’s destiny to accomplish this feat and be at the forefront of the OP Medical world. This could actually make him a high value commodity in the crew if the WG ever found out.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if Chopper ate 2 rumble balls post-timeskip? What about three? Here we have this idea that Chopper no longer needs to ue mutiple rumbles, but what if multiple rumbles, with their new found efficiency, could take Monster Point even further? What if Monster Point is destined to keep getting bigger and bigger?
Then Chopper could be the Giant in the crew whom we can never actually have. Because he would be small enough to live on board, but could grow in size due to his medical augmentation.
I believe Chopper will continue to grow his Monster Point size as the series continues and he will inevitably reach a stage as large as San Juan Wolf and can fight this monster 1v1.

*Theory by TheConqueror



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