Has Cracker Awakened His Devil Fruit Against Luffy?


Recently I re-read Luffy vs Cracker fight and I noticed something, at some point, after the first time skip in the fight, the floor is suddenly made out of biscuits.


We know that so far all Paramecia users that can ”create something” when awakened can then alter their environment, transforming it into what they can create:

  • Doflamingo creates strings and his awakening allows him to transform physical things into strings, like buildings.
  • Katakuri is and creates mochi and his awakening let’s him transform his surroundings into mochi, especifically the Mirror World from what we’ve seen so far.

And, let’s go back to ”Luffy vs Cracker” fight, like I’ve said, the ground turned into biscuit, you can even see the unevenness in the terrain. How did that happen?


Did Cracker waste time and energy placing biscuits on the ground? Or was his power affecting the terrain as a side effect? Maybe he has a half awakened fruit, he can’t turn the environment directly, but repeated usage of his power does affect it.

Or maybe Luffy helped him to awaken because nobody had ever forced him to use his power so much. And that would make him a bigger threat if he ever fights again, giving him a more complete battle later on, rather than most of it being skipped.

*Theory by Soncikuro

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