Have we seen the new Sanji’s Raid Suit in the last chapter?


Germa 66 had created a Raid Suit specifically designed for Sanji to use, which was secretly hidden and given to him as a parting gift during the Vinsmokes’ assistance in his and Luffy’s escape from Cacao Island. Sanji initially refused to put it on, but donned it while at Wano Country.


The suit gives Sanji a black Germa outfit and cape with the number 3 on it, as well as jet-propelled boots. Uniquely, it also gives him a mask to wear over his nose and mouth, and slicks the front of his hair into two parts, one pointing up and one pointing down.

Like the other Vinsmokes’ Raid Suits, it grants Sanji the ability to fly and strengthen his kicks with propelled boots, and serves as an armor to protect him from attacks.


Its unique ability is that it allows Sanji to blend in perfectly with his environment, leaving him invisible to the human eye. This invisibility gives him a great advantage in battle, being able to land surprise attacks on opponents without them seeing him coming.


The suit and its ability apparently cause Sanji to resemble a character known as Stealth Black, who is a member of the fictionalized version of Germa 66 in the comic strip Sora, Warrior of the Sea.

Knowing that, Sanji rejected the name and named this form as O-Soba Mask instead.

As we know Sanji doesn’t like the design of his suit.

Actually, I doubt the first design of Sanji’s raid suit was anything more than Oda having some fun with the “Germa 66 x Sanji” crossover, but the real design will look more Sanjiesque. The current design doesn’t suit him or his style one bit, way too over the top.

What if Franky and Usopp have already modified the design of Sanji’s raid suit? What if we have already seen it in the last chapter?

Given that it’s finally time for the raid on Onigashima, I’d expect Usopp and Franky to have modified it.
If not before the raid on Onigashima, the climax of the arc, then when? There was definitely time between Kinemon’s meetings and whatnot for Usopp and Franky to put in their work.

What do you think?

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