Here’s a Summary of Current Events and Major Revelations between Chapters 1058 and 1086


As the manga has currently been on another month break, I thought a brief recap of the past year would be helpful for some details people might have forgotten. For this recap, I’ll be grouping all of the events into the island that they took place on just to make things simple.

Luffy and Kid draw straws to see which islands they will be going to after Wano. Luffy heads to Egghead, Kid to Elbaf, and Law to Winner Island.

  • Egghead Island: Vegapunk is revealed. He was naturally born a genius, but he ate the Nomi Nomi no Mi, which allows him to store and remember unlimited amounts of information. Due to him wanting to spend as much time as possible inventing, he has split himself into six “satellites.”

Vegapunk 0-1: Shaka. (Good)

Vegapunk 0-2: Lilith. (Evil)

Vegapunk 0-3: Edison. (Thinker)

Vegapunk 0-4: Pythagoras. (Wisdom)

Vegapunk 0-5: Atlas. (Violence)

Vegapunk 0-6: York. (Greed)

Stella: Vegapunk’s true body.

Vegapunk has created the Seraphim, which are child clones of the Seven Warlords infused with Lunarian genes. They follow a strict hierarchy of who can command them. From lowest authority to highest, it goes: Authority Chip holders —> Sentomaru —> Vegapunk (Including satellites) —> The Gorosei. So far, only the original seven have been shown to be Seraphim.


Vegapunk theorizes that Devil Fruits are the potential different paths of evolution brought into existence by the dreams of humanity. This is seen as unnatural, so the mother of nature, the sea, despises all Devil Fruit users.

Stussy is revealed to be a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy. She was MADS’ first successful clone and betrays CP0.

The ancient kingdom that existed during the Void Century was technologically advanced, even to the point of still being at least hundreds of years ahead of the current world. Vegapunk’s dream is to give free energy to the world, so he has been trying to study and recreate the energy that the ancient kingdom used.

Around 3 months ago, York, who wishes to become a Celestial Dragon, contacted the Gorosei about Vegapunk studying the Void Century. They sent multiple Cipher Pol groups to confirm this, but they never returned. Eventually, the Gorosei orders that Vegapunk needs to be erased. CP0 is sent ahead to assassinate him, but with Kizaru and Saturn heading there later. (One of the Gorosei’s names is revealed to be St. Jaygarcia Saturn).


Bonney is revealed to be the daughter of Kuma. She is currently reliving his memories, which is possible due to Kuma’s devil fruit being able to make intangible things tangible, such as pain and memories. Kuma is also mentioned to be of a member of a special race.

The Straw Hat Pirates have appeared on the island right before CP0, which interferes with their assassination plan. A Marine armada, with Kizaru and Saturn leading, is now heading to battle this Yonko crew. The result of this will shock the world. However, unknown to anyone yet, a Blackbeard Pirate ship is also heading to Egghead.

  • Amazon Lily (Events happen during Wano): The Marines have invaded Amazon Lily after Boa Hancock’s Warlord status has been revoked. Blackbeard, seizing this opportunity, has attacked Amazon Lily at the same time and attempts to steal Boa’s devil fruit. Rayleigh and Boa manage to talk him down from killing her, so he instead kidnaps Koby and returns to Hachinosu.

Koby is revealed to have somehow assisted Blackbeard with taking over control of Hachinosu from Ochoku/Wang Zhi during the Rocky Port Incident. Shakky is revealed to be a previous empress of Amazon Lily.

  • Emptee Bluffs Island (Karai Bari Island): Crocodile and Mihawk form the Cross Guild. Buggy accidentally becomes seen as the leader, which gets him recognized as a Yonko. Cross Guild has put bounties on the heads of Marines, with the highest ones being 500 million. This leads to T Bone’s death.

Buggy’s POV of Shanks inviting him to join his crew is shown. Buggy, who has felt overshadowed by Shanks, gave up on his dream and believed that Shanks would become the next Pirate King. Shanks says that he’s not going after the One Piece yet, which Buggy takes as an insult because he believed Shanks was going to carry out Roger’s will.

In the present, after Buggy hears about Crocodile and Mihawk’s goals, says that they are dreaming too small. Now that he somehow has ended up on the same level as Shanks, Buggy hypes up his crew and announces that they are going to claim the One Piece. Buggy has entered the race.

  • Sphinx: Edward Weevil protects Sphinx from the corrupt Marines that were invading in Marco’s absence. Weevil is later taken prisoner by Admiral Ryokugyu. Miss Buckin is revealed to be Miss Buckingham Stussy, a former member of the Rocks Pirates and MADS. She demands that Marco save Weevil.
  • Winner Island: Law and his crew arrive near the island, but Blackbeard has been waiting to ambush one of the three coming from Wano to take their poneglyphs. Blackbeard, Doc Q, Van Augur, and Burgess fight with the Heart Pirates. Blackbeard emerges victorious, but Bepo manages to save Law and swim away using a drug that Chopper gave him, which forces him into his Sulong form.

Burgess has the Strong-Strong Fruit, which makes him very strong. Van Augur has the Warp-Warp Fruit, which allows him to teleport himself and others. Doc Q has the Sick-Sick Fruit, which lets him give diseases to his enemies. Stronger, Doc Q’s horse, has the Horse-Horse Fruit, Model Pegasus, which turns him into a pegasus. (Not to be confused with Pierre from Skypeia, who is a bird that ate the regular horse fruit.)

Charlotte Pudding is shown to be a prisoner on Blackbeard’s ship. Blackbeard most likely wants to awaken her latent ability to read poneglyphs.

Blackbeard now has 2 confirmed Road Poneglyphs. (He most likely has 3, which would make him equal with Luffy.)

  • Elbaf: Kid arrives on Elbaf, but unfortunately, the Red Hair Pirates are there. Shanks gives him an ultimatum: hand over his Road Poneglyphs and leave or fight. Kid, of course, chooses to fight. Kid is quickly dispatched by Shanks and his ship is destroyed by Dorry and Brogy.

Shanks now has 2 confirmed Road Poneglyphs. It’s implied that Benn Beckman was the one who took Kid’s arm.

  • Hachinosu: Garp, Tashigi, and SWORD all invade Hachinosu to rescue Koby. Koby is already in the process of escaping thanks to Perona. Aokiji is revealed to be the 10th Titanic Captain and clashes with Garp. Pizarro has the Isle-Isle Fruit, which seemingly allows him to merge with an island and control it. Vasco Shot has the Glug-Glug Fruit. Sanjuan Wolf has the Huge-Huge Fruit, which makes him huge. Blackbeard wants to turn Hachinosu into a kingdom by using Koby as a bargaining tool.
  • Ohara (Post-Buster Call): Vegapunk visits the island and sees a Giant wrapped in bandages, along with other Giants, recovering books that the researchers had saved. This Giant is revealed to be Saul and the will of Ohara lives on. Dragon, who came there to pay his respects, promises to create an army that can oppose the World Government and change the world. Within a year later, Dragon, Kuma, and Ivankov found the Revolutionary Army.
  • Levely/Mary Geoise: Cobra is seen meeting with the Gorosei. He confronts them and asks about Lily, his ancestor who refused to become a Celestial Dragon. She never returned to Alabasta and her brother had to take over as ruler. He then asks them about the initial D, but suddenly Imu makes themselves known. Cobra is shocked and thinks no one should be sitting on the Empty Throne. He remembers an Imu being one of the 20 founders.

Revolutionary Army attacks Mary Geoise to free slaves, rescue Kuma, and destroy their symbol. Plan succeeds.

Imu says that Lily is the reason that the poneglyphs are spread across the world. Lily is revealed to be Nefertari D. Lily, which makes the Nefertari family all D’s. Cobra is attacked and Sabo jumps out of hiding to attack the Gorosei + Imu. They all transform into different beings hidden by silhouettes.

Cobra tells Sabo that he needs to give this message to Luffy and Vivi. “We share the moniker D.” “The poneglyphs must be protected.” “Fly the flag that heralds the world’s eventual dawn.” Cobra seemingly is dead.

Vivi escapes with Wapol and is now with Big News Morgans.

Gorosei’s names are revealed and they all have the title of “Warrior God”.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn. (Science & Defense.)

St. Marcus Mars. (Environment.)

St. Topman Warcury. (Justice.)

St. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro. (Finance.)

St. Shepherd Ju Peter. (Agriculture.)

Meanwhile, St. Figarland Garland, a Celestial Dragon who distinguished himself at God Valley, executed Mjsogard for letting Leo and Sai attack a Celestial Dragon and then escape. Imu orders that the Mother Flame be tested on Lulusia.

  • Lulusia & Kamabakka Kingdom: Lulusia is eradicated by the Mother Flame. Sabo and an unknown number of Lulusians are on a ship near Lulusia, which saves them. Kuma, for an unknown reason, starts heading towards Mary Geois and is currently climbing up the Red Line. Sabo safely returns with Lulusians and is now recounting the events of Levely to Dragon and Ivankov.

Imu’s existence is revealed to Dragon and Ivankov. Ivankov recognizes the name and says one of the 20 founders was named Nerona Imu. Ivankov theorizes that the eternal youth surgery must have been used on them.

A lot has happened in these 29 chapters, which makes it difficult to recap everything. If I missed anything important or you have a better way of explaining, please do let me know.

*by CrewOrdinary8872

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