How Blackbeard Acquired Two Devil Fruit


One of the very popular mysteries that the One Piece community wanted to know is how Marshall D. Teach managed to eat two devil fruits. So far the Cerberus theory is the most popular idea on how Blackbeard able to eat two devil fruits.

Before I start to speculate how BB managed to have two devil fruits let’s just recap first some of his appearances in the series.

The first time we saw Blackbeard was in Mock Town, his appearance back then was just like an ordinary man and even his looks while he was still in the Whitebeard crew was pretty plain and simple.


In Banaro Island we first saw the great changes in Blackbeard appearance and, since then he had this elegant clothes and jewelry, until Impel Down and Marineford war he’s still wearing the same clothes and the jewelry especially the rings.

When Blackbeard took the Gura Gura no Mi, he used black cloth to cover Whitebeard’s body to hide the method that he used on how he gets the power of Tremor Tremor fruit.


We know that after the devil fruit user dies, his devil fruit power will be transfer to the nearby fruit. In Whitebeard situation, when he died he was cover with cloth and Blackbeard was beside him.

Now here’s my crazy idea that might get your attention! :D


We saw inanimate objects obtained devil fruits power like Lassoo and Funkfreed so I guess if it is possible for the plain inanimate objects to acquire the power of devil fruits then most likely it is very possible that the “cursed objects” can obtain devil fruit power because curses and devils are connected to each other.

I believe Blackbeard didn’t eat the Gura Gura no Mi rather one of his ring absorbed the power of that devil fruit. I would say that his ring is cursed and cursed objects can absorb the devil fruit when its user died near to it. Curse comes from the devil so I guess it’s really possible that a curse object can absorb devil fruits power once its user passed away and maybe that’s the reason why Zoro had his azura which look like a power came from devil fruit because his cursed sword had absorbed the power of devil fruit before same with the hakuba of Cabbage-kun.

After Whitebeard died the power of his devil fruit get off of his body then the CURSED RING of Blackbeard started to suck and absorb its power. (Just imagine the devil fruit power is like the spirit in the movies, going off of WB body and ready to travel to the nearest fruit but suddenly the cursed precious ring suck the spirit and absorb its power.)

Take a look at this, Blackbeard said to the navy to allow him use his power then suddenly his hand with his rings is highlighted on that moment.[​IMG][​IMG]

The cursed sword of Zoro giving him the ability to use the azura maybe because it has devil fruit power which it was absorb way way back, likewise the cursed sword of Cavendish that shows his alter ego Hakuba. In Blackbeard’s case, he’s able to use the power of tremor tremor fruit because his cursed ring absorbed the power of that fruit when Whitebeard died and that’s the reason why Blackbeard is still alive and that’s why we haven’t see any abnormalities on his body after having two devil fruits because he didn’t literally ate the Gura Gura no Mi rather his cursed ring just sucked and absorbed its power.

There are spread rumors in One Piece world that most of the Blackbeard captains acquired devil fruit powers and Burgess tried to kill Luffy and Sabo to get the Gomu Gomu no Mi and Mera Mera no Mi using a dagger, maybe that knife is also cursed that’s why it has the ability to take devil fruit power once its user die and maybe the rest of the Blackbeard crew also have “Cursed Objects” that’s why they were managed to acquire devil fruit powers after killing its user.

In conclusion,

Blackbeard didn’t literally ate the Gura Gura no Mi, his cursed ring just sucked and absorbed the power of Tremor Tremor fruit that’s why Teach didn’t die after having two devil fruits.

What do you think guys? Does this make any sense?

*Theory by Fire_Fist_Recca

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