How Blackbeard Is Able to Possess Multiple Abilities


How Blackbeard Is Able to Possess Multiple Abilities

Fasten your seat belt and enjoy this one:

  • Nami’s asks if Teach knows anything about Sky Island since he said it exists.


  • Oddly, Luffy and Zoro say Teach is not a him; They then go on to say Teach is a “them” meaning he’s multiple people.

  • Just like us readers, Nami is doesn’t believe that 2 or more people can exist in 1 person. Nami then asks the logical question that are they referring to his crew mates?


  • It’s somewhat indicative that Blackbeard has at least 2 people residing within his body.
  • Viz Translation (Bonus Information). Everywhere Blackbeard is, there’s a “Yack” and “Blab” sound effect which hints at him being at least 2 people.


  • In the Viz Translation, Luffy also explicitly says Teach is multiple people which is probably as clear as any translation has bluntly has made it out to be.

  • Marco’s Perspective

  • Marco’s first remark on Blackbeard is that the make up of his body is different to normal humans and questions if that’s why he’s able to take in multiple Devil Fruits; that scene also goes on to confirms to the readers that it’s impossible fornormal humans to handle more than 1 fruit as an absolute fact.
  • How Marco immediately suggets that Blackbeard’s body is why he can take in multiple fruits complements the statement by Luffy when he refers to Blackbeard as “them or more than 1 person”.
  • What we can also learn from Marco’s use of words is, prior to Blackbeard eating any fruits, Blackbeard’s body has always been different. There’s also the fact that Marco is a reliable source because we know Marco was a part of WB’s crew for 22 years at least alongside Blackbeard and many other popular WB commanders.
  • Dragonball Z Influence in acquiring Devil fruits. In DBZ, you need to gather the 7 Dragon balls together to get a wish granted and I think Oda is disguising a similar DBZ concept with one Piece as a ‘DBZ tribute’; just a guess, nothing substantial, so take with a grain of salt.
  • One Piece – Gathering of 3 fruits (related to the DF)
  • Devil Fruits re-spawn to the closest trinity of the fruit it has an affinity too; Smileys has an affinity with apples which is why they probably spawned in 1 of the 3 apples.

  • The bag with Burgess possibly contains a certain number of fruits (similarly to Punk Hazard), perhaps fleeting Devil Fruit essence is drawn this trinity and more so since it has an affinity to the fruits in trios.
  • Yami-Yami No Mi. The Yami Yami No Mi has 2 special abilities:
  1. Live People: Have their Devil Fruit ability negated on contact
  2. Dead people: Have their Devil Fruits stolen on contact
  • Another point I’ll be making is Devil Fruit powers are enhanced in environments that has affinity to their Devil Fruit abilities:
  1. Enel more advantaged while in thunder clouds.
  2. Aokiji more advantaged while in freezing climates and water
  3. Akainu more advantaged around Volcanic locations.
  4. Crocodile more advantaged in the desert.
  • Blackbeard.

His powers are enhanced inside darkness just like others have their powers enhanced in environments which their abilities have an affinity towards. This is why Blackbeard enters into the ptich dark sheet in order to absorb Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi.

  • Conclusion

Blackbeard is multiple people which is why he can consume multiple fruits and his ability having an affinity to darkness is why he was able to absorb Whitebeard’s fruits while in pitch darkness.

The main reason Blackbeard obtained the Yami Yami no is because:

  • The Yami Yami No Mi guarantees him the fruits of his choice.
  • With the Gura Gura no Mi as his power, he becames a lot more powerful and a threat to everyone.
  • This is something only someone with his body type could accomplish.

So, there you go! What do you guys think?

*Theory by WiseMofo69

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