How did The Red Hair Pirates come so fast to Marineford


How did The Red Hair Pirates get out of the New World, where they had a meeting with Kaido, to the Grand Line in less than a single day? And the most impressive, in time to intervene at the Battle of Marineford.
I have two ideas on this, let’s go!


First, a description of the paths we know that connect the Shinsekai to the Grand Line.
Path number one is to get permission to pass through the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Well, needless to say a Yonkou was not going to get it at all.
The other, more accessible, is the Island of the Tritons: It is 10,000 meters deep and passes under the Red Line, connecting Sabaody and the outskirts of Punk Hazard.
This path is COMPLETELY infeasible to the Red Hair Pirates for 2 main reasons:

Coating to be made on a ship before it submerges takes a long time to do. If Shanks and his teammates had opted for this route, it would be impossible for the journey to be so fast. That has the most obvious problem of displacement. Even on a high-quality ship like the Sunny, we saw during the work that the journeys between the islands took several hours, even days.
I think it’s already clear that the way around the Island of the Tritons was not used anyway. Now that things start to get interesting here.
Going back there in the early chapters of the play, we have an interesting explanation of Gan Fall about ways to get to Skypiea, the mythical sky island above the Great Route.


Vogue says there are other ways to get past the thousands of feet between Skypiea and the Blue Sea beyond the Knock Up Stream, and that’s the whole point of that theory.
If there are more ways to the island of heaven, what prevents at least one of these ways from the New World?
Face it, I say one of the possibilities: the Giant Jack!
The beanstalk has its top in the Upper Yard, where Enel has established his Temple of God, but we do not know where he is born from. As the Mugiwaras have already had their adventures on the Grand Line and now train in the New World without this mystery being explained, it is entirely plausible to think that the Giant Jack is rooted in a New World island.

Where exactly is difficult to speculate, but perhaps in Elbaf?

There we seem to have a monstrous plant growing beyond our sight.
What’s the biggest plant we’ve seen so far in the building? Just the Giant Jack!
Following. We have seen that the chance of the giant beanstalk from Shinsekai is real, and that there are navigable routes (as you can see from Merry’s arrival scene at Skypiea), and we also know that bean legs are considerably branched and twisted

Having said that, perhaps one of the branches of the Giant Jack leaves its origin in the New World and falls before the Island of the Sky, pouring in some point of the Grand Line and serving like a HUGE shortcut to those who need to navigate quickly between the two halves of the Blue Planet. Shanks having used this other route, probably smaller and lesser known by the navigators of the Great Route would explain how he made a long journey in such a fast time!

I also think of another possibility, which even has some points similar to the first.
Returning to Gan Fall’s speech, he cites a path called “Highwest,” a linear path between the Blue Sea and the White Sea, which apparently passes through other lower-elevation islands.
The Mugiwaras have already passed a “sea slop” in the New World.

In the bizarre geography of the One Piece world, it has been proven that there are navigable sea-level elevations (and that they are common according to Law), and at least one of them is so large as to permit a “normal” (but rather dangerous motive) through the more than 7 thousand meters of height between Skypiea and the Blue Sea.
That way, it’s also not strange to think that there might be something so that it covers the Red Line, letting it run over some of it on an ordinary ship.

*Theory by Will1

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