How Kaido Met His Three Calamities!


Since Kaido’s flashback is seemingly evading us and Oda keeps blue-balling us I decided to share some of my thoughts on how Kaido formed the Beasts Pirates and more importantly how he met his Calamities.


Let’s flash back sometime over 38 years ago.

Hachinosu Island – The Rocks Pirates are formed, led by the man forgotten by the world Rocks D. Xebec.

This is considered to be the strongest Pirate Crew that ever crewed around and just how strong it actually was should be evident by the fact that 3 ex members of Rocks Pirates went on to become Emperors of the Sea. Those 3 being:

  • Edward Newgate more commonly known as “Whitebeard”, The World’s Strongest Man
  • “Big Mom” Charlotte Linlin
  • And the “Man” himself, Kaido, The World’s Strongest Creature

Kaido, at the time, was just an apprentice on the ship and the newest info about Kaido revealed that he is currently 59 years old, making him 21 at the time of God’s Valley.


At this point of his life Kaido wasn’t known as the “World’s Strongest Creature” and he didn’t have his Mythical Zoan “Fish Fish Fruit: Model Azure Dragon” so he was pretty weak at the time, at least when compared to other members. This is further supported by Sengoku saying he (and Big Mom) only got stronger since their days with Rocks.

Flashback to exactly 38 years ago

God Valley – Rocks Pirates are defeated by combined forces of Garp and Roger and they are disbanded. Rocks is presumed dead and Kaido is given his Mythical Zoan Fruit by Big Mom indebting him to her for life. I believe sometime after, Kaido decides to form his own crew and slowly rise in the pirate World.

Rocks Pirates Dynamic

One of the things that made Rocks’ crew infamous was their crew dynamic in which they would often kill friends and foes alike and their lack of camaraderie caused crew members to kill each other constantly even while at sea.

So what would cause a bunch of pirates that kill their crewmembers to join the same pirate group? What would make someone like Whitebeard who only ever wanted a family to join this bunch?

Remember that thing between Skypiea and Water 7? No not the “G-8” arc that was anime filler. I’m talking about the Foxy dude and his “Davy Back Fight” where you compete with other Pirate Crews and if you win you get to take one of their members for your own crew. We saw this happen to Straw Hats and it is apparently the ultimate law in the Pirate World that can’t be broken, ever. If you lose, you join the other crew no question asked.

Kaido’s Modus Operandi

As we had previously seen with Shanks being influenced by Roger and then Luffy being influenced by Shanks when it comes to the crew size and the overall workings of those crews I believe that so was Kaido influenced by his captain and the way he would and recruiting crewmembers.

Current Kaido has a Modus Operandi where he does not kill his opponents but rather beats them, captures them and then tries to break their will and subjugate them to serve him, a survival of the fittest. We have seen this with Killer, we have seen this with Kid and we have seen this with Luffy. We know that a lot of Gifters were previously captains of their own crews and we know some members of The Flying 6 also used to be Captains of their crews (Sasaki and Who’s Who) that eventually joined Beast Pirates. Also Apoo and Hawkins are good examples of this being the case as well.

Furthermore we saw that Kaido’s crew hierarchy is a subject for change because he gives lower ranking members a chance to fight higher ranking members for their positions. Most notably Who’s Who and Sasaki wanted to fight Calamities for their spot but there are also examples of headliners wanting a position in The Flying Six.

In short, Kaido was inspired by his captain, the same way Shanks was inspired by Roger, where he would recruit strong crewmembers by beating them first and then subjugating them.

Sometime between 38 and 20 years ago

The Calamities – The 3 exceptions to this rule would be King, Queen and Jack which is what makes them so special. While Kaido generally treats his crewmembers like trash (Fodder and such), he treats Calamities, and The Flying Six to a certain extent, with more respect. After Jack gets beaten by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi he does not berate him for losing. He instead is supportive of him and says that he didn’t lose because he was weak but rather he lost because they were strong. And once again this moment shows that Kaido values strength over anything else.

So how did he meet and recruit Calamities? Why does he threat them differently? Good question.

King the Conflagration

In Kaido’s introduction after Dresrossa, we learn that he was defeated multiple times, we learn that he was sentenced to death multiple times but was never been able to die and most importantly we learn that he was capture multiple times by various groups. One of those groups being the Navy.

Now this is a rather popular theory and I’m sure people have already heard of it and that is King the Confalgration being an ex guard of Impel Down. We known that Impel Down is the place where The Navy keeps captured pirates and what makes me think this is the case is the way King looks, or rather the way his outfit looks. It’s the spitting image of the outfit Shiryu wore while he was a guard in Impel Down. But you might ask “Okay? Why would he still wear the same outfit AFTER he left his position?” to which I present you this!

Shiryu’s post time-skip design. It’s pretty much the same as his pre time-skip. In fact, it looks way closer to King’s outfit with the replacement of Swastikas crosses on his uniform with the skulls. They are identical.

Taz Skylar is already a perfect Sanji: look at him practicing Sanji’s kicks!

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