How Luffy will beat the seemingly unbeatable Katakuri with his gear 4 combos.

So the biggest question as of chapter 884 is how Luffy will beat Katakuri.

Katakuri has superior Armanent Haki, his devil fruit is more versatile and awakened and to top it off, his Observation Haki is leagues above Luffy.

In this theory I’ll try to explain as to how Luffy can combat all those and defeat Katakuri. So please read till the end.

Capone already exposed the limits of Katakuri’s abilities.


“He can only see into the future. But he has the same power to change it as anyone else.”

This I believe how Luffy can defeat Katakuri.

First of all I believe Luffy has a third Gear 4th form which relies on speed. And this is not something new. As there are many theories where people have explained about this speed form of Luffy.

So how can speed help Luffy?

Well, it pretty much can negate the observation Haki of Katakuri.

How does it do that?

Luffy will move so fast and attack in various places, Katakuri even though will know he will attacked, won’t be able to escape from all of it.


It’s like, if the present G4 gatling gun can Katakuri at 100 rounds per minute, with the speed G4 attacks Luffy will be hitting Katakuri 200 or 300 or maybe even up tp 1000 rounds per minute. So this gear will test the limit of Katakuri’s evading abilities.


So even if Katakuri is able to dodge 90% of Luffy’s attacks he will still be in the receiving end of 10% of Luffy’s attacks.

Having said that, Katakuri won’t be dealt a significant amount of damage. This is because Luffy will be sacrificing power for speed. So these attacks will be just more powerful than G2 red hawks. Best case may be a G3 elephant gun. No where near the Kong gun of G4.

So what will this do to Katakuri?

Actually the damage per hit won’t be much. But if Luffy keeps hitting him and Katakuri is not able to evade them completely, he will snap and this would be the ideal result for Luffy.

Why because at this state Katakuri will rely on his DF and armament Haki rather than this overpowered observation Haki. This will give Luffy his greatest chance to defeat Luffy.

So the previous chapter 883 was important because Luffy was able to learn how Katakuri’s power works. And because of that this tactic of Luffy is bound to work.

Now, Katakuri is in this state Luffy won’t be able to defeat him using speed to beat him.

This is when Luffy will have to transform to Tank Man to defeat Katakuri.

Since Katakuri would have snapped, he won’t be using observation Haki and will rely heavily on his DF and Armament Haki. So this is the best chance to for Luffy to show off his strongest attack and blow Katakuri away.

I think once Luffy goes to Tank Man, Luffy will use his King Kong gun which I believe will be is Luffy’s strongest attack. Once Luffy uses this, I think Luffy will be able to destroy whatever Mochi Shield Katakuri is using and his armament Haki to completely blow him away just like Cracker. I think with this attack Luffy will destroy half the mirror world as well.

Once Katakuri is beaten, I think Luffy won’t be able to move for quite a while. And this will make him easy prey to the others in there like Brulee. So Luffy will be needing some saving. So if the story does come to this, it will be interesting to see who helps Luffy once Katakuri is defeated.

Whether it is Jinbei or someone else, it will be interesting to see who helps Luffy.

*Theory by Ashura the demon

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