How Luffy will defeat Blackbeard


Luffy is currently trying to improve his Armament Haki in Wano.


Before that, he got a huuuge upgrade to his Observation Haki in his fight against Katakuri on Whole Cake Island.

Many people theorize that Luffy’s Conqueror Haki will be tested in an arc revolving around Shanks, which I agree with.


That got me thinking tho. How and by which means will Blackbeard be defeated?


As we all know, Blackbeard is an unconventional man. He was able to absorb the power of two devil fruits, something unheard of until he did it during the Marineford war. He could easily be described as OP with the power to negate other devil fruit abilities and one of the most destructive devil fruits at his disposal.

So how do you defeat an unconventional person like him? By unconventional means. Something that hasn’t been explored yet, is the Voice Of All Things.

We do not know the extent of this power so far, but it would make a lot of sense to explore each special ability in detail with one of the Yonkos in mind.

Vegapunk has not yet explained the mechanisms behind the devil fruits, but it still doesn’t seem unlikely that they are mythical in origin. If the story of the devil fruits being part of the “sea devil” is at least in part true, Luffy might eventually be able to hear the Voice Of The Devil Fruits.

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This is why I think that a way to defeat Blackbeard will be revealed to Luffy through his ability to hear the Voice Of All Things, a way nobody has thought of yet and that will only be obvious to someone who possesses this ability. I’d love to think of a way how this will play out, but I’m not even gonna try to predict Oda.

*Theory by Weltenpilger

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