How Powerful Is Admiral Kizaru?


How Powerful Is Admiral Kizaru? Oda has left unequivocal clues.

The Original Admirals Trio: Aokiji<=Kizaru<=Akainu


This is based on the order of introduction and height (usually for rivals). Both elements are used by Oda to demonstrate who is stronger.

  • Aokiji – Introduced first – Height 298cm
  • Kizaru – Introduced second – Height 302cm
  • Akainu – Introduced last – Height 306cm

Aokiji and Akainu were almost equal in strength during their battle for Fleet Admiral with Akainu being the stronger of the two. Not only does this add evidence to the above, but it also shows that the original Admirals were all almost equal.


How does this compare to Luffy?

Oda has given bounties to the Marines, arguably this is to give us an indication of their strength. Whilst bounties are not an accurate representation of an individual’s strength, it does give us a rough estimation of how strong they are, although there are some exceptions.

Both Kizaru and Luffy have the same bounty: 3 Billlions!


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