How Strong is the Shogun of Wano Kurozumi Orochi?


How strong will The Shogun be?


I’m more inclined to believe that The Shogun is quite strong. Imo, Yonko’s First Mate level or higher.

1. Brook hyped that the marines would not set foot on Wano because of the strength of the samurai.

2. Akainu is hesistant to send Borsalino to Wano because of the unknown strength of Wano’s Army + Samurai


3. The Shogun has been compared to The Pirate King in the past.


The Pirate King is the strongest in the blue seas, The Shogun the strongest of Wano?

4. Mere retainers of a single daimyo is strong enough to stalemate a Yonkou Commander. And they didn’t use their ultimate form against Jack? How much stronger are they in their Sulong Forms?

There are multiple Daimyos with Retainers in Wano. Imagine the retainers of The Leader of Wano! Now Imagine the leader of Wano’s strength compared to his retainers.

5. The Shogun & Kaido are under a partnership

Kaido would have to acknowledge the strength of not only the Shogun but also the samurai if he decided to partner with them. So opinions? How strong do you believe the Shogun is?

*Theory by Spiegel

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