How the 5th Emperor will drive changes in Alliances


I believe that because Luffy is now considered an Emperor, we can see the future events of the Wano arc for kicking off double-crossing and changing of alliances.


So, let’s look at the current state of each Supernova and their current place in the story as as well as their connections to the Straw Hat Pirates.

1-As for the Straw Hat Pirates and people who have recently allied with them:


Luffy and Zoro: Wano, or soon to be at Wano.
Law: Allied with the Straw Hats.
Bege: Escaping Whole Cake Island, but had just recently allied with the Straw Hats against Big Mom. Probably he saw his bounty go up, even if we didn’t see it in 903.

Obviously, I don’t think that any of the above will attack the Straw Hats.

2-Now for the ones who are up in the air/unlikely to turn against the Straw Hats:

Jewelry Bonney: The last time we saw her was after the events of Dressrosa, but she was by herself and just “in a town somewhere”. I think that she lost her crew and is just traveling alone as of this moment. When she read that the Straw Hats took down Doffy, she said, “Good job. I’m happy to be in the same generation as them.”

She is probably not going to be the one who attacks the Straw Hats, no motivation nor means to attack. In fact, with her hatred of the World Government and Blackbeard, she will probably ally with the Straw Hats in the future.

Mad Monk Urouge: When we last saw him, he was chilling out on a Sky Island, and met/survived a talk with Kaido. He was pretty bandaged up, and that very well might have been because of his fight with Snack and then Cracker.

No idea on how Urouge feels about various political events, the Straw Hats, nor any of the Emperors. Maybe we can see him attack the Straw Hats, but we haven’t really seen anything out of him other than attacking Big Mom’s crew. We also don’t know why he decided to attack Big Mom, so who knows. I would put him as neutral/very slightly likely or willing to attack the Straw Hats, just purely based on this information and his personality.

3-Now for the ones who are likely or very likely to attack the Straw Hats in the future:

Eustass Kid: Even though he has been beaten nearly to death by Kaido and company, we can’t rule him out.

Kid is crazy and willing to kill innocents, as we saw from way back in Sabaody, since his bounty was higher than Luffy’s because of his ruthlessness. I would put him to a mid-high possibility of attacking the Straw Hats in the future, maybe even during/after Wano to prove himself. I could see him becoming jealous of Luffy’s new status and wanting to attack him more than anyone, just because he had a higher bounty than him in the past.

Killer: We haven’t seen him since Kaido appeared, but I would bet that he is going to follow his Captain Kid no matter what. He might be scared of Kaido, but he’s going to follow Kid, if Kid ever gets out of that jail cell. Kid and Killer are going to try and break away from Kaido and attack Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy to prove themselves in the New World, based on the fact that Luffy had a lower bounty than Kid when we first saw him, and Kid needs to say he’s strong enough to take down an Emperor since he got frickin trounced by Kaido.

Scratchmen Apoo: The only one from the rest of the Kid/Apoo/Hawkins alliance since Kaido appeared, albeit in Den Den Mushi form.

Given that he’s still reporting to Kaido, I would put Apoo at nearly a 100% chance of attacking the Straw Hats. Apoo is probably more afraid of Kaido than he ever will be than Luffy, especially since he calls him Lord Kaidou/Kaido-sama.

Basil Hawkins: We haven’t seen Hawkins since Kaido dropped down, and provided that he isn’t dead, I would say it’s a safe and I bet he’s under Kaido right now. Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about him at this point. But if he’s still going to stick with his alliance, he’s going to have to make a choice between following Kid, or following Apoo.

X-Drake: Serving under Kaido. We know from the 725-727 cover pages that he helped put down the revolt that Caribou led in Kaido’s territory.

We also know that from the next appearance of him reacting to Doffy’s takedown that he’s still is reporting to Kaido. He reacts more to Doffy’s takedown than he does to Kaido specifically, but still to the point that he’s loyal to Kaido.

I would say that it’s actually highly likely for X Drake to attack the Straw Hats as well, but only because it’s under Kaido’s command. All we know for now is that he joined under Kaido’s flag during the time skip. He’s still loyal, and if the island we see above really is Wano, then we’ll expect a clash real soon. I think that X-Drake is going to leave Kaido. He doesn’t seem like he’s thrilled about his position, and we still need to explore so much of his backstory. Why did he join Kaido? Why did he leave the Navy? It’s tough to put him in a box, but for right now, I think that he has some admiration for Luffy for his actions against the WG, and that he will respect the fact that Luffy has taken a stand. Drake probably found some shit about about the WG during his time in the Navy, which drove him to his current position. He might see joining Luffy, or maybe even fighting against Luffy, as a way to leave Kaido’s crew.

*Theory by swingingsalmon

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