How the Bounties of the Cross Guild Leaders were calculated!


The Cross Guild is a powerful organization founded by Crocodile and Mihawk. Buggy accidentally usurped presidency of the organization due to misunderstandings on behalf of his crew, serving as the figurehead leader which led the World Government to recognize him as one of the new Four Emperors.


Crocodile and Mihawk were very displeased with this, and brutally beat up Buggy for it, but Mihawk eventually suggested using Buggy as a figurehead leader to stave off any unwanted attention from himself and Crocodile, and that they could eliminate the clown anytime they need to, which Crocodile agreed on.

The Cross Guild is able to use their battle might and political influence to issue bounties on Marines, an initiative which appears to be working as indicated by it being reported on in the newspapers. As a result of the bounties, the Marines now have to worry about attacks not only from pirates, but civilians and bounty hunters as well. Due to the group’s popularity, they have received funding from many underworld organizations.


Here’s my breakdown of how Crocodile, Mihawk and Buggy’s bounties were calculated:


  • Frozen bounty 81M* (ISSUED)
  • Unfrozen bounty 162M
  • Actions in Marineford and Impel Down, increased it to 416M
  • The very heinous crime of trying to overthrow (and nearly succeeding) the king of Alabasta (an original Celestial Dragon), adds 400M to his bounty
  • So post-Marineford, his bounty was incredibly high at 816M (ISSUED)
  • His actions during the 2 year-time skips and strength gain, increased it to 965M (ISSUED)
  • With the founding of Cross-Guild and its goal of directly hunting Marines, an additional 1B was added to his bounty bringing it to 1.965B (ISSUED)


  • Frozen bounty was 1.003B (ISSUED)
  • Unfrozen brought it up to 2.59B
  • With the founding of Cross-Guild and its goal of directly hunting Marines, an additional 1B was added to his bounty bringing it to 3.59B (ISSUED)


  • Original bounty 15M (ISSUED)
  • Credited as the mastermind behind the Impel Down breakout and actions in Marineford, a whopping 300M was added, bringing it to 315M
  • Revealed to be a former Roger Pirate and credited to be a rival to Shanks, and alluded to be hiding his ‘true’ strength, another 300M was added, bringing it now to 615M
  • Gains a massive following of ex-prisoners, and consequently becomes their leader, another 100M added. Now his bounty sits at 715M (ISSUED). This is what it was frozen at.
  • Now unfrozen, the founding of Buggy’s Delivery organisation and the huge gain and influence during the 2-year time skip, bought his bounty up to 1.189B
  • Credited as the leader of Cross-Guilds and given Yonko status, a massive 2B was added bringing it to 3.189B (ISSUED)

*by 50thsun

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