How Wano Arc will lead to the Greatest War since the Void Century


Many people speculated that after Wano there will be a power imbalance between the 3 Great Powers.


Once the World Government declines in power, the World of One Piece will be in utter chaos. Every nation will prepare for a worldwide war.

Wano is the home of the Poneglyphs.


The Void Century may not be uncovered during Wano arc but Professor Clover’s theory about their sole purpose might be confirmed: to reveal the darkest secret of World Government. Yes, we obviously know it. But this confirmation will weigh heavily on the Straw Hats. Since Robin joined the voyage, it was only her who’s inclined in Rio Poneglyph. Luffy and the rest just wanted the Road Poneglyphs and are not really that interested on what happened during the Void Century. And all of them aren’t slightly tempted to know where are those Ancient Weapons are.


All of these Poneglyphs coexist each other. Because once the Void Century will finally be filled, what happened back then will be repeated. The Gorosei will learn about it and will do everything to shut them up just like what they did to Joy Boy when they established themselves 800 years ago.

They need to gather all those Ancient Weapons to defeat the World Government or keep them away from World Government. If the World Government will have the upperhand to those weapons, they must find ways to counter them. Franky prolly knows how to counter Pluton. Shirahoshi which is Poseidon, might be brainwashed or threatened and they must save her before she’ll cause a massive destruction. We still don’t have any info about Uranus yet. My guess is, it’s the most powerful out of the weapons.

Moreover, those Road Poneglyphs are also essential for finding Raftel. Raftel holds a lot of important information aside from One Piece. What are those? We still don’t know but we’ll surely be mindblown-ed, as always.

It was foreshadowed in Fishman Island arc that Luffy might fulfill Joyboy’s promise which is also another foreshadowing that Luffy is Joyboy’s reincarnation and will be another foreshadowing that the past (Void Century) and present (Luffy’s gen) will parallel each other. Foreshadowception.

The past allowed World Government to rise and reign the world. The present will destroy its core foundation and World Government will be reborn without Absolute Justice.

Once Wano arc finishes, the arcs succeeding it will lead to the final arc THE GREATEST WAR SINCE VOID CENTURY. Those 20 Kingdoms that betrayed Joyboy in which the Royal families reside in Mary Geoise except Nefertaries will received their karma. Or they’ll be replaced with other Kingdoms which are and will be Luffy’s allies. These Kingdoms will never betray Luffy.

Winners write history.

This time, after the fall of the World Government, no need for Poneglyphs because the history will be written in the books and will be passed through generation to generation. It will be a reminder for them to not repeat the events as what Robin said: “Fools who don’t respect history will likely repeat it themselves.”….which will be happening to them. Since they respect history, they will change its course and rewrite the ending. Now,Losers will be winners, true history prevails.

You think the hype train will stop at Wano? Post-Wano will be a bullet train hype. Prepare to die chapter by chapter. If Wano will make Marineford cute, the Final War will step on those two like a mere ant.

*Theory by jinepifunny

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