IM SAMA The National Treasure of Mary Geoise


As many others have pointed out, in chapter 773, Cavendish gets the same eyes as Mihawk when he attempts to control Hakuba.


Now without getting into a huge theory, here’s my take on it:

-Hakuba is a demon living inside Cavendish’s body;


-There is clearly a strong connection between demons and swordsmen in One Piece as denoted by Zoro’s asura and the concept of cursed swords;


-The current strongest swordsman is Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk;

-When Hakuba attempts to control Hakuba he gets a familiar three-ringed eye.. The same eyes Mihawk has constantly and got his epithet from;

-Many have theorized that Mihawk is in full control of his demon, resulting in his incredible prowess as a swordsman and that he possibly taught Zoro to do the same given that his left eye (the same eye that lights up during Asura) has been “sealed”.

So again, without getting too much into it, there is a clear relationship between these eyes and controlling demons. Now let’s take a look at Im-sama’s eye…

Looks familiar doesn’t it? I believe that Im-sama either is or is “controlling” the demon that creates devil fruits.

Yeah, I know sounds like a stretch, right? But let’s look at this carefully: We know that devil fruits are linked to the devil and some characters have even said that when you eat a devil fruit, a demon enters your body… It has also been said that if one were to eat 2 devil fruits, the 2 devils would fight it out, resulting in the user’s death. So it would make sense, since they are called DEVIL fruits that perhaps a devil, (the demon king perhaps lol) is placing demons inside of fruits, giving the fruit user incredible powers.

In fact, someone pointed out that Imu’s name is written as イム in raw chapter. It might be a combination of イヴ (Eve) and アダム (Adam). Devil Fruit being Forbidden Fruit. Raftel being Eden.

Again, if my speculation is correct, this name would be fitting for Im-sama as in the Bible, The devil was the one who manipulated Adam and Eve, causing them to eat the forbidden (devil’s) fruit… But I’m not done yet! I’m gonna add a bit more to this theory/speculation.

I believe that Imu-sama IS the National Treasure of Mary Geoise. Here’s why: Doflamingo stated that the national treasure would allow him to CONTROL the entire world. He also pointed out the importance of Law’s Ope Ope no mi to attaining/using the treasure, specifically the personality transplant and immortality surgery abilities

Now let’s think about this, if Doffy had the Ope Ope no mi and gave it to one of his subordinates, he would be able to walk into Mary Geoise and use the personality transplant on Im-sama and “switch bodies” just like what happened to the Straw Hats on Punk Hazard. As for the the immortality surgery I’m not too sure but perhaps he could use it to keep his (old) body immortal while his personality remains inside Im-sama’s body. And lets be real, if you can create devil fruits, you can definitely control the world, especially if you’re as crafty as Doflamingo.

That’s why the Gorosei showed so much respect to Im-sama as he/she currently rules and controls the powers of the world. He/she is essentially living out what Doflamingo wanted. Due to his/her ability, he/she controls the World, which is why he/she sat on the empty throne and was asked what “light” he/she wanted to extinguish from history.


A lot of people have said that from a narrative perspective, it makes sense for the straw hat to be the national treasure, as Doflamingo (in Impel Down) says “isn’t it fine to reveal what it (the national treasure) is already?” And then in the next few panels, we see the big straw hat. Oda loves to throw us off so he shows us the giant straw hat, which we all presume to be the National Treasure.

But what else shows up in the panels after Doflamingo’s speech? That’s right. Im-sama.. The true National Treasure.

For the record I think the giant straw hat is a relic of the ancient kingdom (maybe it belonged to Joy Boy or something). Im-sama was just comparing the similarities between Luffy’s hat and the one they keep in the vault.
Again, this is just the idea that came to me after reading the chapter, I still have to put more thought into it. Let me know what you guys think?

*Theory by Silvers

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