Implicit Meaning of the Treasure “One Piece”



  • Both Luffy and Roger wanted to be something which Oda didn’t reveal.
  • More than 20 years ago, Roger after becoming Pirate King failed to accomplish something. I am under this belief that Roger knew that he isn’t the man to achieve a task after becoming Pirate King.

The present World

One Piece World is divided – in space, in time and across races.

Space inequality

  • The One Piece World is divided in four regions separated by Grand Line and Red Line.
  • Discrimination also exist when it comes to islands on land and sky islands. Many don’t even know that sky islands even exist evident from Bellamy denying their existence.

Temporal Division


There is no continuity between the past and the present.

The World Government has erased information about Void Century to such extent very few are aware of the Ancient Kingdom and the Void Century.

Racial Discrimination


We have seen ample evidences of racial discrimination:

  • Treatment given to Fishmen
  • Existence of slavery
  • Class discrimination with Celestial Dragons having status of Gods
  • Discrimination even existed among inhabitants of Skypiea island

These inequalities reflect that there is no oneness in One Piece. But this sense of oneness find expression in Straw Hats’ dreams

Spacial Context

  • Sanji wants to find ALL Blue
  • Nami wants to draw map of whole world

Temporal context

  • Luffy has inherited Will of D. and is the man who is carrying legacy of generations over his shoulders
  • Luffy also has Voice of All Things.
  • Similarly Zoro has connection with Wano and inherited legacy of Ryuma.
  • Nico Robin wants to know true history. Interestingly, she said once that one has to carry information spread across Poneglyphs to Laugh Tale to understand true history. That’s oneness of information.

Racial Context

There is no direct reference to any Straw Hats having such dreams but they have pursued the case many times through their acts

  • Their acts in Skypiea united the races over there.
  • They ended exploitation in Dressrosa.
  • They raised voices at Sabaody against inhumane auction.

You guys remember what Mihawk said about Luffy at Marineford? He has power to bring everyone together.

Also, promise of Joy Boy in his letter to mermaid princess will be fulfilled by Luffy.

All the qualities necessary to be a Conqueror’s Haki User!

What would it be like if Kid and Luffy fused against Kaido & Big Mom?