Interesting Detail about the New Technique Kaido used in Latest Chapter


In chapter 993, Kaido strikes back against the Red Scabbards by using a roar to create wind scythes, one of which cuts off Kikunojo’s left arm.


Are Kaido’s air cuts unique to Kaido or we’ve all along supposed that air cuts in the the whole One Piece Universe are invisible and Oda just draws them for reader’s sake?

Points to note:

  • Denjiro somehow managed to perceive the invisible cuts despite he himself saying that they are invisible. And we’ve seen Denjiro blocking air cuts from Zoro so it’s possible that you just have to be very perceptive in order to “see” air cuts.
  • Of course Wind in real life is invisible so this question is more towards the meta of the story and Oda’s intentions.
  • Air cuts include Zoro’s of course, Zombie Ryuma, Mihawk, the CP9 Rankyaku techniques, etc.. Were all these cuts invisible all along?

What do you think?

*by ImmaIvanoM

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