Interesting Detail on the Names given by Oda to Advanced Conqueror’s Attacks


After this chapter’s revelation about Conqueror’s Haki and the attack used to make that revelation, I can now comfortably confirm. Here are the names of Advance Conqueror’s Haki attacks from Emperors and the Pirate King we’ve seen so far.

Divine Departure/ Godly Avoidance/ God’s Evasion


Conqueror of Three Realms: Ragnarok

Conquerors of The Ocean/ Conquest of the Sea/ Ocean Sovereignty


What do they have in common? Don’t see it? Look again at their names.

All the attacks allude to divinity/supremacy. Conqueror’s Haki. Haoshoku no Haki!


And we know for a fact that Oda uses the name of attacks to allude to and give more meaning to the attack itself and the character. You know Oda and his puns.

*by stairs-kun

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