Is Eustass Kid still a worthy opponent to Luffy?


Let’s look at the recent events in Wano from Eustass Kid’s perspective.


People need to realize that Kid is in a difficult place. Right now he has just been saved by one of his biggest rivals and being called Luffy’s friend.

Then he has witnessed how much of a leader Luffy is.


Plus he has lost his crew to Kaido, he has been in prison working and now he can’t even get emotional support from his best friend Killer who has been affected by a failed SMILE.


Right now he is at his lowest point. He is left watching Luffy taking on Big Mom (Kid isn’t aware of Big Mom’s condition) and now taking on the entire prison that had swiftly made an end of Kid’s pirate career.

And there he sits and watches Luffy turning the impossible back around and converting an entire prison in one of the most dangerous countries in the world into a free space filled with allies through sheer will (and strength) alone. THAT is a PIRATE KING.

Kid is just conflicted right now. As prideful as he is, he doesn’t want to receive help from another member of the Worst Generation. He sees himself as better than Luffy. In this situation, he is more angrier at the ones who wronged Killer and his crew. Luffy also made a great point that “potential allies shouldn’t get in his way”. Their common goal is to bring down Kaido.

Kid is one of these potential allies. If he gets in Luffy’s way, Kid gains no advantage. I think Kid just kind of sees Luffy as a worthy opponent in trying to become Pirate King, but he’ll put aside his pride and work with Luffy to take down an even greater threat in Kaido. He also needs to get revenge for Killer and find a cure the negative effects of SMILEs.

It’s interesting to see just what Kid will do now that he’s been given a chance to be free. Till now Oda has clearly showed that Kid is equal to Luffy in every way and is as strong as Luffy (or at least very close to him).

Let’s hope Oda has something planned for Kid, since the Prison plot didn’t quite do justice to him.

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