Is Fujitora a Revolutionary?


During the timeskip, after Akainu and Aokiji’s duel, the World Government held a draft. From this draft notable inclusions are Fujitora and Ryokugyu, but where did they come from?


Draft implies that they where not previously marines and clearly they where not pirates. Unfortunately we don’t know enough about Ryokugyu to speculate but we do know a decent amount about Fujitora. Based on what we know about him I purpose that Fujitora before joining the Marines was and still is a member of the Revolutionary Army.

There are a few reasons for this theory:

1- Fujitora is a vocal critic of the World Goverment’s sense of Absolute Justice, and blinded himself so he would not have to see the injustice and corruption in the world. This fits with what the Revolutionary Army beliefs, Fujitora fits ideologically almost perfectly with the ideology of the Revolutionary Army.


2- Fujitora let Luffy escape after Dressrosa, why would a Marine Admiral leave something like the capture of a Supernova to chance? Unless he knew who Luffy was and how Dragon felt about him.


3- Fujitora is a very powerful character in the world of One Piece, he was not a Marine, he was not a Pirate, so how did he get so powerful? It is reasonable to speculate that Fujitora has combat experience and proper training, and the most powerful organization we have seen so far that is not a World Goverment organization or a pirate crew is the Revolutionary Army.

4- The Revolutionary Army has had members in the Marines before, Kuma was an Officer of the Revolutionary Army and later a Warlord for the World Goverment. So I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to think that the Revolutionaries put Kuma within the ranks of the Marines, and if they have done it before what is stopping them from putting another member within the ranks of the Marines, and placing him high up in the Marines so that they can know what is happening but also use them to gain access to things and places that only a Marine Admiral would have access to.

5- The presence of the Revolutionary Army at the Reverie. How did they get in to Mary Geoise? What if they had a man on the inside, what if Fujitora the Marine Admiral who would know how to get in to Mary Geoise, as well as the defences that they would face. Mary Geoise is one of the most guarded and protected place in the world of One Piece, they would need someone with knowledge and access to get them in.


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