Is THIS Luffy’s Dream?!? One Piece 1114 Theory


Is THIS Luffy’s Dream?!? One Piece 1114 Theory

Not that new info about the present, past and the future has been theorised and revealed by Vegapunk, it’s time for more refined theories.

One thing that I believe we can figure out from the recent reveals is Luffy’s Dream.
1- Vegapunk claims the world is going to sink. Not just gradually but soon the sea levels will raise around the world by 5 metres.
2- Joy Boy was the first person to take to the sea and be called a Pirate in history.
3- Luffy’s Dream is not just about becoming the King of the Pirates, but something much ‘grander’ in his view point.

Considering themes and characterization in the story:
1- The will of the previous generation is passed down to the future. No matter if the person dies, their will lives on.
2- Freedom and liberation to those who suffer due to the tyranny of the ones at the top.
3- Dreams of the age. Dreams of people who value what is to come for.

And as such, I believe the dream of Luffy and before him Roger and even before Roger, the dream of Joy Boy to be the same: ”I’m gonna make all the people in the world become Pirates”’.
A dream so huge, so stupid yet so grandiose because of the freedom they associate Piracy with.

The first pirate of the world was a liberator who freed slaves and gave them joy. The King of the Pirates announced his treasure to be out there and started a great age of piracy by his dying words. Luffy has been the revolution fighting directly against the world for his friends.

With the world arriving a great cleansing, being sink under the water for years to come, all of the them wish up on the same thing.
To become the King of the Pirates and see a world where everyone is inspired to take to the sea and live free by their own rules.
900 years ago, a man by the name Joy Boy became the first pirate, ushering people and slaves he saved into becoming one. When the world saw him as a threat to their luxury, they joined hands together.
Hence, 800 years ago the world underwent a deep cleansing, where a lot of people died and the twenty surviving Royal Families joined to make the World Government atop the Red Line, as they had escaped the flooding siding with Imu.

And now, centuries after another great cleansing is about to start as the new generation of piracy is trying to usher the same change and bring those at the top to the ground.
Whatever the One Piece is, will drag those at the top to the ground and ask them what right they have to stand atop. The first pirate in history could have very well been the King of the Ancient Kingdom, who broke into countries and freed slaves to make them citizens of his own.

A dream where everyone is free, everyone has everything to eat, and one King who wants to protect that freedom.

*Theory by Srazack_76

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