Is Weevil the son of Shiki the Golden Lion?


is it just me or does Weevil look a little too much like Shiki?


– Characteristic Super Saiyan 3 type wavy hair;
– Long hair on each side of face (un-weave Weevil’s braids and it’s literally the same kinda bangs as Shiki’s);
– Both are blonds;
Weevil is clearly wearing a fake white beard so take that off and he’s a lot more identical to Shiki than he is to Whitebeard.

Miss Bakkin said she used to be on the same ship with Whitebeard and we know with the revelation of Rocks Pirates that Whitebeard and Shiki used to be crew members, so chances are that Bakkin also used to be part of Rocks alongside those two, thus her potential relationship with Shiki.


Weevil is a newly introduced character that could potentially be playing a major part in the Wano Arc. Oda’s already hinted at him potentially going to Wano to get revenge on Luffy, so we already have a premise in place for him going to Wano.


That said, at the time, we got that hint of Weevil potentially making an appearance on Wano, we were lead to believe that the major antagonist of the Wano arc was Kaido so Weevil’s involvement in the arc seemed a tad out of place but we know now, that it isn’t the case with Lilin’s involvement in the arc and the re-birth of the Rocks Pirates, making the arc antagonist Rocks 2.0 and not Kaido per say, so if you think about Weevil potentially being connected to Rocks Pirates (let’s say as Shiki’s offspring), then he fits in perfectly with the Wano arc.

Lastly, out of the 7 members of Rocks’ crew that were singled out by Sengoku in Chapter 959, Oda introduced 5 of them in Oden’s flashback in the current chapter, one of whom resembles Shiki alongside Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom so this could potentially indicate that those characters might be somehow tied to the current plot on Wano.

In which case, Shiki’s involvement in the arc could come in the form of his potential son “Weevil”.

What do you think?

*Theory by PuckTheGreat

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