Jinbe Sacrifices for Luffy [Chapter 901 Spoilers]


In the last chapter Wadatsumi managed to pull the Thousand Sunny underwater and put the Sun Pirates’ ship in the path of the Big Mom Pirates’ cannon fire, but the Big Mom Pirates quickly see through this ruse and Oven attacks Wadatsumi.


With the Sunny still hours away from escaping Totto Land, and a revitalized Big Mom heading for Cacao Island at great speed, the Sun Pirates attack the forces on the Queen Mama Chanter, and Jinbe cannot bring himself to leave them. Luffy tells Jinbe to survive and reunite with them at Wano Country, proclaiming himself to be Jinbe’s captain.

What will happen to Jinbe in the next chapter?


First of all Jinbe and the Sun Pirates will hold Big Mom Pirates as long as possible since Luffy needs a couple of days to exit Big Mom’s territory.


Sun Pirates will have no real difficult except for Oven’s heat ability. But when Big Mom will arrive everything will change because she has the ability to change weather and create storm. That’s why Sun Pirates have no chance to escape. So Jinbe will find himself heavily wounded after their brave action.

We know that Big Mom wants Luffy’s soul to make an Elite Homie to serve her but she can’t because Jinbe and Sun Pirates¬†are hindering her. So Big Mom will use Jinbe’s soul instead of Luffy’s soul.
So Jinbe dies, Big Mom extracts his soul and infuses it into the Homie.

Meanwhile, after days have passed, we get Pudding’s ability to recover memories. Even to Homies. You can check what Pudding did on Seducing Woods back then. She’s capable to retrieve Homie’s past memories even if it’s just a short period time. So if she focuses on one person why she can’t do that? She also have a reason to leave the Whole Cake Island just as Lola did. So Pudding will retrieve Jinbe Homie’s past memories. Jinbe will escape Whole Cake Island by using his Homie body and will make an epic come back at Wano.

Yes, Jinbe’s physical body dies but his soul is still alive and will never die. You can now understand this chapter title: “Even if you die, don’t Die!”

Sounds interesting right?

*Theory by Asme

Shiki will be back in Wano Kingdom

The Thousand Sunny is the Ancient Weapon Pluton