Kaido is a Dragon that ate a variant of the Hito Hito no Mi


What is Kaido?

Since his introduction everyone refers to Kaido as “that thing” or “creature” but why?


A lot of people think Kaido himself is a dragon that ate a variant of the Hito Hito no Mi and I think this might be true.

Wano began and since the start of the arc Oda gave us the name of every single zoan fruit thus far, King, Page One, X-Drake, Orochi the only exception being, you know who? Yep, we still don’t know Kaido’s devil fruit name.

But why? Why Oda didn’t tell us the name of Kaido’s fruit? I mean Zoans are kinda easy to guess why would he avoid naming the fruit? Kaido transforms into a dragon, that makes the fruit’s name Ryu Ryu no mi: Oriental Dragon or something like that right?

Well that’s because he is most likely a Dragon with a Hito Hito no Mi variant. This would also explain why everyone refers to him as a beast or thing.

Kaido’s Past and Ideals


If this is true it means dragons existed in the One Piece world. But where are they? My guess is they are near extintion and the last dragon is Kaido. Their extintion was probably due to humans and it might have somethig to do with the Void Century.

Does this mean Kaido hates humans?

No. Kaido doesn’t hate humans. I think at some point in history dragons and humans lived in harmony and peace but one day humans betrayed the dragons and wiped them out of existence. And what Kaido hates is mercy, pitiness and weakness, feelings that made the all mighty dragons go extint.

That’s the reason why he likes strong individuals physically and mentally, especially individuals like Kidd, Luffy and Whitebeard. He had no reason to let Luffy live. Luffy attacked him without hesitation, went all in without respect for the strongest creature in the world and that’s probally the reason on why he didn’t kill Luffy. He likes that kind of brave personality.

Vegapunk and Dragons


I’ve seen a lot of theories saying Vegapunk is from the Void Century and that’s possible.

Vegapunk seems to have an obsesion with dragons and Punk Hazard is full of them. Why is that?

If Vegapunk is from the Void Century or he knows what happened in that time frame this would be easy to explain. He feels sorry for what happened to dragons and he is trying to revive them.

Suicidal Thoughts

But when Kaido is sober he thinks about commiting suicide, why? Well that’s most likely because deep inside he feels lonely and binge drinking is the only thing that makes him forget the fact that he is the last dragon. It sounds funny to talk about feeling lonely when you refer to a Yonko, but we already saw how Oda portrayed Big Mom.

She is a crazy maniac obsesed with a portrait of her “mama”, the same person she ate without noticing, she goes on a rampage whenever she can’t eat what she wants and she is a pain in the ass for all her sons and daughters. But she loves Caramel, she loves the orphan kids she’s still a sensitive being just like Kaido.

Oda is making the Yonko (Specially Big Mom and Kaido because they look like monsters) feel more human, they aren’t perfect and althought they are monsters physically when it comes to their mental state they are in the weak side.

Shogun Orochi

Why would someone like Kaido ally with Orochi?

Orochi lied to Kaido and convinced him to think he is also a dragon, gaining Kaido’s favor in the process. Kaido doesn’t give a damn about Wano and he is most likely helping Orochi because he thinks they are equals.

*Theory by MrMaser


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