Kaido is the only Yonko who will fall in Wano


I think the situation in Wano will end up good for the Straw Hats. I, for once, don’t believe that neither Kaido or Big Mom will keep their words, instead, turning on each other in the most opportune moment.


I believe that Big Mom will be the one to betray the Yonko Alliance. Kaido is the most logical Yonko to die because of his character. We can speculate that Big Mom will help Luffy defeat Kaido. Furthermore, I believe that Big Mom will join Luffy’s side. Yes, there are a lot of speculations, but bear with me. If Wano has demonstrated anything so far, it is the importance of having numbers and resources. Many narratives in the series, such as the Revolutionary Army, the misdeeds and evil acts of the Celestial Dragons, Im-sama, suggest the World Government is possibly Luffy’s ultimate enemy.

I believe it’s logical to assume that Luffy will need a considerable number of allies to wage war against them. Which goes back to the current point, Luffy will forge an alliance with Big Mom, and be a uniting factor. Here are some of the things to consider:

-Mihawk’s statement about Luffy’s “dangerous ability” to make allies anywhere he goes has been one of the strongest statements about Luffy’s character and has been proven true thus far.


-The World Government fears two of the Yonko teaming up, but what if THREE of the Yonko team-up? Luffy can be a uniting factor for both Big Mom and Shanks and truly create a storm.


-Luffy/Usopp will help Big Mom restore her relationship w/ the giants of Elbaf. Elbaf, another long-awaited location, home to the giants, a race considered to be among the strongest. An alliance between them and Luffy would further emphasize Luffy’s strengths.

Some of these concepts sound innate and pretty farfetched, but here are some current events to consider. Oda has demonstrated time and time again that Luffy not only defeats his opponent, he also earns their respect. Here’s a mini-list: Bellamy, Eustass Kid, Katakuri (Big Mom again), Crocodile and Mr. 3. Furthermore, Luffy’s character slowly evolved to be flexible (no puns) about forging alliances with his contemporaries, starting with Law and then Bege. Adding to earning Kid’s and Killer’s respect, to an extent. It’s not outside the realm of possibility for Luffy to ally with Big Mom.

Why do I believe that Big Mom even wants her relationship with the giants/Elbaf restored? This one is a bit tricky, but let’s examine an often mentioned concept in One Piece, “home“. The concept of “a home” is a powerful one; one that many pirates either yearns to have or long for. Take Arlong for example, banished to East Blue, never to call Fishman Island home again. Robin and Ohara, Dragon looking towards East Blue, Whitebeard sent money to his homeland, Sphinx.

Applying this concept to Big Mom, we can see that she too wants a “home.” Big Mom was truly bent out of shape at the mention of the lack of giants’ presence in her country, a place Big Mom openly declares as a utopia for ALL the races. Her many children from varying races.

A simple argument against some of these points would be that Big Mom had many children to conquer the world; fair. However, Big Mom still intends to do so with her family, enough to bear that many children and having an insanely diverse country. Also, her epithet is literally, Big Mom! Another point we can examine was Elbaf was the first place with people that didn’t treat Linlin like a monster. She had real happiness there.

Returning to the original point, why do I think Big Mom will ally with Luffy, despite Big Mom having demonstrated she’s not above open betrayals? Because of Luffy earning his opponent’s respect, forging alliances, and demonstrating strength in numbers to overthrow the World Government.

*Theory by MsHelvetica

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