Kaido is the World Government Experiment


Kaidou was introduced as invicible and the World Strongest Creature.


But is he really a Natural Born creature? Especially after Big Mom called him a thing, I came up with the idea that someone could have created him.

But who might have done it? The First organisation that comes in my mind and could have done such experiments is the World Goverment.

World Government Experiments

If we start talking about WG experiments most people think about Dr. Vegapunk. But what do we know about Vegapunk experiments?
In the current arc we learned before becoming part of the research team Vegapunk worked together with Judge and discovered the Lineage Factor.


Vegapunk was arrested and Judge managed to escape and used this technology to create his clone army.


After being arrested Vegapunk starting to work for the World Government. He used the Lineage Factor to create living beings like Dragons

and like Judge also to clone. This way it was possible for him to create clones of Kumas which he than turns into Cyborgs, the Pacifistas.

Some people might ask, are they really cyborgs made of Kuma clones or just roboter, but the answer was given back at Sabaody, X Drake was suprised that the Pacifista bleed like humans.

But did Vegapunk also create Kaidou? I would say no!

I think Vegapunk revolutionized the World Government’s science. I expect the WG forced Vegapunk to create Giants, but he failed multiple times.

At this time I think Vegapunk started the Pacifista project with the knowledge of the Lineage Factor and his old plans to create super Cyborgs like the Iron Pirate General Franky.

The World Government just needed to find a person with the right body, that was Kuma.

That’s why I expect if Kaidou was created by the World Government than before Vegapunk was there by the attemp to create a Giant Human, I mean if Vegapunk was able to create Kaidou, what do you think Pacifista would look like? And as Law mentioned the creation of giant humans is something the WG has been researching for hundreds of years.

But if it wasn’t Vegapunk, who would have been able to create such a monster and why didn’t the WG repeat that experiment. The answer to this might give us one of Kaidous previous opponents, Moriah.

Moriah tries to create his own Kaidou

After Moriah was defeated by Kaidou in the new World he lost his whole crew, that why he decided to create an immortal zombie army.

But thats not everything he wants sth. that is able to beat Kaidou and with the Oars corpse and Luffy zomby he thought he finally achieve his goal.

And to be real Oars style reminds a lot on Kaidous style, thats also the reason why many people think Kaidou is related to the Oars tribe.

Another thing to mention Moriah knew corpses alone are not enough, he need someone to pimp them and this person was the famous chiruge Dr. Hogback.

After Moriah’s defeat, Hogback didn’t plan to give up, he wants to continue.

That’s why I think Hogback continued his work to create a Kaidou like being and the result of this work is Weevil!

The big question for me is he a zombie with the shadow of a little brat or is he a real living being like Kaidou? But one for sure I expect Weevil is Hogbacks master piece.

But was Hogback involved in WG experiments and a helpful hand in creating Kaidou? The answer is no! If we take a closer look at Kaidou you don’t see any seam like on any of Hogbacks works had. Does this allready debunk my theory? No! There is another way, the perfect chiruge the user of the Ope Ope no Mi.

The Ope Ope no Mi – The Devil Fruit that created Kaidou

We know WG was after the Ope Ope no Mi and ready to spend an insane amount of Berry to get the fruit from Diez Barrels.

One reason is most likely Ageless Surgery the ultimate ability of the Ope Ope no Mi to grant someone eternal life by sacrificing yourself.

But another reason is that the Ope Ope no Mi transforms the user into the perfect chiruge, which should be capable to create an unvulnerable body like Kaidous, without any signs of seams. A good example how great the work of the Ope Ope no Mi user is can see on Laws work, just take a look at Monet there is no seam between her shoulder and her wings.

That’s why I expect the legendary doctor Diez Barrels mentioned was affiliated with the WG and the one who created Kaidou.

Another hint for this theory gives us Diez Barrels son X Drake.

Reason for X Drake joining the Beast Pirates

What do we know about X Drake? After he entered the Ne World he was directly after Kaidou.

And during he Timeskip he had become member of the Beast Pirates.

A few people expect X Drake just joined Kaidou to find a way to take him done someday, but this speculation have become very unlikely after Bege has done exactly this with Big Mom.

But we also know that Kaidou was once a Rear Admiral and also well informed about the WG science section.

Now let us think about X Drake again, he was saved as kid the marines, he became a Rear Admiral and was familiar with the science section of thhe WG. Than he left betrayed the WG become a Pirate and joined Kaidous crew.

Could it be that he found sth. out? Or maybe someone close to him? Just expect someone close to him find out about informations about secret WG experiments and was assinated afterwards, but managed to tell X Drake about it. Maybe X Drake knowing about the Kaidou experiments and allied with Kaidou and trying to take revenge on the World Goverment.


In the time before Dr Vegapunk joined the World Government’s science team and start the Pacifista program, the WG just focused on trying to create Giant Humans. With the help of the previous user they managed to create Kaidou, sth. went wrong and he managed to escape.
After Moriah lost his fight against Kaidou he tried to create his own Kaidou with the help of Dr Hogback.
X Drake might have betrayed the WG after a person close to him find out informations about secret WG experiments including the Kaidou experiment. This person got assinated, but manage to share his informations with X Drake. X Drake joined Kaidou’s crew to use him to take revenge on the World Goverment.

*Theory by Nessos

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